Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working with Clay

Working With Clay
May 19, 2008

Philippians 1:6 "...he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..."

Remember art class? There was always someone with crazy talent that could make anything he touched into a masterpiece. And this masterpiece always made your project look like macaroni pasted to construction paper, no matter how hard you tried. Or maybe you've seen an amazing artist at work, marveling at the precision and skill made to look so effortless. Have you ever seen an artisan work with a piece of clay?

He begins by unwrapping a lump of clay from its protective covering and stares at this gray matter with nothing but potential. To you and me this block of clay looks like nothing, though it could become something wonderful. The artisan begins his work, pushing and molding the clay. He bends and mars its flesh until it is in the correct position. He applies carving and cutting tools to take away the unnecessary. As you watch him work, it is difficult to tell what the finished product will become. It almost looks as if the artisan is failing at his work, as the clay resembles nothing that you are familiar with, nothing you've ever seen before. Still, he presses on, intently adding shape and detail, one movement at a time. At this point, you begin to wonder if the clay was better off as a block of potential as there is no way he can pull this lump of marred flesh into a work of art. You may even think he should throw it away and start over, as your imagination cannot begin to pretend a finished product could materialize.

But as the artisan continues, you begin to see the object take form and if you squint your eyes you can pretend it resembles your nutty aunt Clara. With a little patience, you endure as the artisan puts the final touches on the work of art to reveal the finished product. He spins it around and your jaw drops in utter amazement. As you gaze at the work of art you are marveled at its simplicity yet complex beauty as you realize it is a perfect likeness

The Lord is at work in your life, Christian, and you may think it will never turn into anything worthy of display. But the Lord is hard at work, molding and shaping your flesh until it is in the perfect likeness of the person He needs you to become. It may seem the Lord cannot make anything beautiful out of your current state or that He should throw you away and start over with someone else. But I assure you, He is intent on finishing the work that He started in you. Give Him a little more time and patience. Once He is finished, you can take a peak at the finished product. I promise, you will be stunned and amazed at how He was able to take you and your life and make something beautiful out of it.

Helpful hint. Make sure the clay is soft for the Lord to do His work, otherwise His molding and shaping might hurt a little.

1. Fearful the Lord is not able to make anything beautiful out of your life?
2. Are you willing to give Him a chance to complete what He already started?

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