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Climbing the Mountain of God

Climbing the Mountain of God
August 25, 2008

Psalm 91:10 "then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent."

The other night I had a dream that I was mountain climbing. It was the same mountain where God had passed in front of Moses in Exodus 34. The mountain was high and dangerous, a sought after mountain by many of the greatest climbers. There were many others climbing the mountain too, all of us on our own, in great efforts to reach the pinnacle. As I approached the top of the mountain the clouds began to roll in and the winds brought a quick covering of looming darkness. Many of the climbers were as close to the top as I was and we all just had to reach it. But when the others saw the storm clouds beginning to form, they quickly started back down the mountain. I had to go on; nothing was going to keep me from reaching the top.

For some reason I was not afraid of the storm, as it was more important that I reach the top of the Mountain of God. I knew I'd have to camp that night in the rain, but was prepared to endure it, knowing I had the satisfaction of reaching the top. I was the only one who made it to the top and just as I reached that point, nightfall came with the rains. I hurriedly began to find the best place to stay the night through the cold, dark, and wet storm. The thought of actually falling asleep was wishful thinking, as it seemed it was going be a long night without a tent. But then I looked up and saw something strange.

I peered over at a grouping of trees and noticed something that I had not seen initially. It was a shelter. It was not simply a cover from the rain, but a solid-structured cement building with a warm bed inviting me to come in out of the stormy weather. I did just that. I went into the dry shelter and climbed into the warm bed while the heavy winds blew all around me. That night I slept soundly, listening to the rain bounce off the rooftop. I was safe and protected from the storm, all the while enjoying a wonderful night's sleep.

I awoke from the dream and realized something about God's character. Climbing the mountain of God is like our Christian walk, a steep climb that can seem dangerous, where only a few will make it to the top. And just because you make it to the top of the Mountain of God doesn't mean a storm will never arise. It does mean that He will shelter you from the storm, though. The Bible is very clear that if we put our trust and hope in Him and continue in our Christian walk, He will protect us and allow an amazing sleep through the most difficult storms in life. He wants to know how important it is to reach the top, how important your Christian walk is to you. Don't worry about the storms in life, keep climbing, keep pressing onward, no matter what the weather around you looks like. Let Him worry about the wind and the rains. Just focus on your Christian walk.

1. Do you see dark clouds on the horizon of your Christian walk?
2. Is it more important that you reach the top of the Mountain of God?

Additional Scriptures for Study: Psalm 91, Acts 20:24, I Cor 9:24, II Tim 4:7

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