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The Inspiration of God

The Inspiration of God
April 27, 2009
Genesis 2:7 ". . .and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."

The word "inspire" comes from the Latin words "in + spirara," which mean: to breathe. Our own modern dictionary clarifies it a little further: to influence, to move, to breathe or blow into. From the word "inspire" we also get the intransitive verb, "inhale." We use the word "inspire" to infuse life into an idea or thought. We use the word "inspire" to communicate emotion or internal human momentum. But God used the word "inspire" to give breath to us mortal beings.

Recall in Genesis, where all the phrases occur that start with the words "In the Beginning . . ." This was God creating the universe, before the first man was alive. At the end of all His creating, He made man, and at the very last step, God breathed life into Adam. Picture God; standing over Adam's lifeless body, leaning over onto his mouth and nostrils, taking a deep breath and breathing into Adam, filling Adam's lungs with His own breath and life. Wow, what an image, what a picture of what God did to give you life. The very life that is in your body is the life and breath of God. You are an inspired creation of God. God breathed life into you; God inspired you.

God's inspiration into humans did not stop with the first breath; it continues on to this day. Throughout the Bible, God inspired men to move and to act according to His great purposes. Some of those purposes were in writing the actual Scriptures themselves. For this reason the Bible is called "The Inspired Word of God" or "God breathed." This same breath of God is what inspires you and I today. We are led by Him to will and to act according to His great purpose.

If you are a Christian, you have the breath and life of God living in you. This should give you a "wow" moment in considering the power of that statement. God's breath is giving you a pulse, not just a physical pulse, but an emotional and spiritual pulse to live your life in honor to Him. God has inspired your life and given you many, many giftings to use for Him and His glory. He has inspired your heart and your mind to even read these words right now. He has given you a passion and burden and if you will listen to that passion burning inside of you, you will realize it is the inspiration of the Lord leading you on.

Christian, the Lord has something for you to do; He has inspired you for a reason, a purpose. Submit to Him and His leading and be amazed at what the Lord can accomplish through your work. Submit to that inspiration, the breath of life, in you and begin to be used by Him to change the World. If you aren't changing the world, you may not be listening to the inspiration of God. If you are feeling a little un-inspired, it is time to allow God to breathe His life into you and your situation right now.

1. What has God inspired you to do?
2. Have you lost your God-given inspiration?
3. How can you get your inspiration back?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Job 12:10, Job 32:8, job 33:4, Jer 32: 40, Phil 2:13, 2 Tim 3:16

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