Monday, December 6, 2010

Blame Blame Go Away

Blame Blame Go Away
Dec 6, 2010
1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your cares on him because he cares for you."

Blame is an interesting thing. It is our effort to find a reason to be mad, angry, upset, or hurt. We use blame in an attempt to justify our actions, but blame has the opposite effect. The only thing we accomplish by blaming others is maintaining our status as a victim. Certainly, there have been some people who were the initial cause of pain or strife in your life. Absolutely, it was real. However, blaming them doesn't allow you to move forward or move beyond that hurt. Blaming others, or even blaming God, is trying to force them to take responsibility for what has happened in your life, so they might fix you. That is not going to happen. Blame is an effort to guilt others into benefiting your life and it is only manipulative. Even if someone else was the initial cause of your difficulty, identifying individuals as the culprit for purposes of fixing the situation is not actually going to change anything. News Flash: no one else can or will fix your problems, even if someone else instigated the original, perceived harm. This isn't comforting, but it is a reality you must accept.

If you focus all your energy and efforts on blaming others for your difficulty, it does not allow you to focus on living your life, nor is it what God intended for you. There is an alternative to blaming others, however, and it is very freeing, even exciting. God says to cast all your cares on Him because He truly cares for you and your situations. This includes the past hurt, pain, and strife you have been trying to care for on your own. Your own efforts only nurture the painful situation, but God's efforts can nurture your life into new growth. That's what God is after anyway, new growth in your life. While God is not to blame for what happened in your life, He actually is glad to take responsibility for creating new growth from the pain you have experienced (no matter how long ago that hurt was initiated or who's to blame).

God is more than willing to take responsibility for fixing all that is wrong in your life. He is not going to take that incident away, the one you are blaming others for and wanting to be made right. He will, however, take that situation, that pain, and use it for His glory. God will use that past situation to shape you, mold you, to make you into the person He needs you to become. God can take the hurt and pain away and use your past for something amazing in your future. God is in the redemptive business; He wants to redeem your situation right now, the one you've been harboring for so long, blaming others for. He wants you to stop playing the role of the victim and become the victor through Him. There are no victims in God's kingdom, only over-comers and conquerors. If you submit your life to God and allow Him to work, even in your pain, your life can and will become a testimony of God's power for others to see.

There is a huge caveat, however, to becoming the victor over your past situations. You must get rid of the blame. You have to stop blaming others, yourself, and God for all that is wrong in your life. Once you stop the blame game and submit the situation into God's hands, you allow Him to take responsibility for new growth and fruit in your life. I know the past situations in your life were real and have effects on your life today. But focusing on the past and blaming others for any hurt will not allow you to focus on what God wants to do in and through your pain, for your future. Blame will only lead to bitterness, not a solution to your problem. Allow God to take responsibility for your life right now and receive the freedom to move forward in your amazing future.

1. Who have you been blaming for your problems?
2. How can you stop blaming others and begin to submit that hurt to God?
3. How can you allow God to use that past situation toward your amazing future?

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Gen 3:12-13, Gen 50:20, Rom 8:28, Rom 8:37

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