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Go Make

Go Make
April 22, 2013 
Matthew 28:19  "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

The original Jewish nation, created and ordained by the Lord, had only one growth avenue.  They were to increase in numbers by having children.  The Lord wanted their "blood" pure.  They were not to inter-mingle with other ethnicities or cultures; they were to stay separate.  In fact, they were not even suppose to marry outside their people-group.   You could only become a Jew by being born a Jew.  It wasn't a nationality or religion to which you could convert.  You were either a Jew or not a Jew.  Needless to say, they were not evangelistic with their religion.  They did not try to covert others to their religion or way of life.  This is still in effect today, by perpetuation.  I have heard a respected Rabbi declare recently that they are not active in their evangelistic efforts.  They are not in the business of see others come around to their way of thinking.

This method of growth, however, is not what the most famous Rabbi has declared.  I'm speaking of Jesus, who declared that we are now required to make disciples of other nations and people groups (this means everyone and anyone).  In fact, He told the original disciples that authority in Heaven had been granted to Him to change the age old method of growth.  Jesus gave two very specific instructions.  He first said, "go."  He then said, "make."  He told them to go and make others into believers.  He wanted the whole world to see things the way He understood them to be: that He died on the cross to save them from their sins and He wanted them to spend eternity in Heaven.  People no longer had to be born into a way of life; they could become believers by making a decision.  They could not become believers, however, if they were not aware of the opportunity.  This is why Jesus instructed to "go and make."

Notice the words of Jesus were action words.  They were specifics to be acted upon.  If you followed His instructions, you would be DOING something.  Jesus didn't say, "live your Christian life however you want and maybe people will like what they see."  He didn't say, "go and live."  No, He said, "go and make."  We are to actively work at giving others the opportunity to become believers in Jesus.  It is not easy if you are truly intent on following His instructions.  It requires effort.  Yes, the Bible does say we are to let our light shine before all mankind, making our Christianity known.  But that is not Jesus' intended method of evangelism.  He said to make disciples out of everyone.  If someone is to become a disciple, he is to become a learner of the way.  How can someone learn if someone else is not instructing, teaching?  We are all to be preachers of the Word, no matter your age, education, or experience.

You might not like this, but it is what Jesus said.  We are ALL required to spread the good news about what Jesus did for all mankind, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to become a believer in Jesus.  If your co-workers know you are a Christian, but you have not shared the message of salvation with them, then you are not following the Lord's instructions.  Living your life in a Christan manner is not good enough.  You cannot stop there.  You cannot stop until you have had the opportunity to actively share your faith with everyone and anyone you know.  They may already know OF Jesus, but have you given them the opportunity to know Him personally?  If you have not, then you are not following Jesus' instructions, His commands.

Jesus wasn't giving a suggestion; it was a command.  You are required to share your faith with others, not simply live out your Christianity in your own life.  If you were a true Christian, you would love and care enough about others to ensure they had the opportunity to experience your same faith in Jesus the Christ, to ensure they had the opportunity to make it to Heaven.  They will not make it to Heaven unless they become believers.  They cannot become believers if you don't take the opportunity to make go and disciples of them.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Ex 34:12-16, Deut 7:1-6, Ezra 9:1-2, Matt 5:16

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