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Promises Remembered

Promises Remembered
Oct 14, 2013
Exodus 2:24  "God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob."

Have you ever had someone remind you of a promise you made years ago?  Maybe you spoke the promise rashly and didn't commit it to memory.  Maybe you never intended to hold tightly to the promise.  Maybe you intended to keep it but truly forgot about it.  Whatever the case, it never feels good to be reminded of a promise you have yet to fulfill.  If makes you feel like a failure.  It is good to be reminded of promises sometimes; it keeps us all accountable.  It is good to be reminded of promises such as wedding vows or your dedication to follow the Lord.  Being reminded brings the focus back onto what is important.  Thankfully, the Lord never needs reminded.  He is faithful to remember the vows and covenants; He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

When Noah was on the ark, floating above the earth, Scripture says that the Lord remembered Noah and so He receded the waters.  When the Children of Israel were crying out from being in slavery, Scripture says that the Lord remembered the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the Lord sent Moses to lead them to the Promised Land.  When the Children of Israel sinned, and failed to repent after many years, Scripture says the Lord remembered their wickedness and was forced to hand out the discipline He previously prescribed.  When the time was appropriate to bring the world a Savior, the Lord fulfilled His promise in sending His Son to die for the sins of mankind.  The Lord, regardless of time-frame, remembers His promises, He remembers His children, and He fulfills His covenants.

While this all might be well and good for the characters found throughout Scripture, it is easy to think the Lord's promises do not apply specifically to us today.  This could not be further from the truth.  The Lord will always remember His promises and is constantly fulfilling them.  He is keeping the promise to stop the suffering of the world as the end draws nearer and nearer.  In the meantime, He is still in the business of remembering the promises to you and me this very day.  He has promised to never forsake us.  He has promised to save us when we call on His name.  He has promised to appear to us when we seek Him wholeheartedly.  He has promised to be a husband and father to those without.  He has promised to bring physical and spiritual blessing to those who give obediently and generously.  He has promised to lead your life for His purposes and will bring your talents and skills to fruition in due time.  He has promised to pour out His spirit upon you when you live righteously.  He has promised to bring you to His side and wipe away all your sadness.  What the Lord has promised, He will fulfill.

You may feel like Noah, abandoned in the ark, floating above the waters, wondering if the Lord will remember to draw back the waters.  You may feel like the Children of Israel in slavery, wondering if the Lord will remember His covenant and bring you to the Promised Land.  You may feel like the Lord has not remembered that you might be without a husband or father.  But all those feelings couldn't be more void of reality.  The Lord has not forgotten you.  The Lord is remembering His promises to you this very day.  The Lord is keeping and fulfilling those promises He made to you.  If you feel He has forgotten, it is quite alright to remind Him through prayer.  He loves it when you remind Him of the promises; in doing so, it bolsters your own faith and proves to Him you've hidden His word in your heart.  And while there are promises found in Scripture that cover us all, He has given you specific promises as well.  Hold tight as He will fulfill those too.  Unlike us, He is always true to His word.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Gen 8:1, Josh 1:13, 2 Chron 6:42, Neh 5:19, Ps 98:3, Jer 49:11, Hosea 9, Acts 10:31, Rom 8:28, Heb 13:5, Rev 16:19

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