Sunday, November 9, 2014

Evidence Enough

Evidence Enough
November 10, 2014
John 14:11  "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves."

Evidence is proof, a visible sign of something.  You cannot prove something without evidence.  If you have evidence, there can be no denial of fact.  It takes evidence in court to convict someone of a crime.  It takes evidence to support a scientific fact.  Evidence can be freeing or damning, but either way evidence puts an end to an argument.  Jesus said that evidence in His personal life's work is what people should examine when determining His identity.  Jesus didn't simply sit back and declare who He was; He proved it while living out His daily life.  He demanded the evidence of His works be examined and weighed against Scripture.  He demanded that we arrive at a conclusion about Him based upon the evidence of His actions.

People's eyes were on Jesus, watching His every move.  The Pharisees could find nothing wrong with Him so they tried to drum up false evidence against Him.  Jesus was scrutinized from every angle and found spotless.  Not only was He found spotless, He was also found to be the Son of the Living God.  There weren't any witnesses from Heaven who could testify in court as to His identity; there were only His actions.  Jesus was found to be The Christ.  There was evidence enough to prove Him Holy and Perfect and from the Heavens above.

In light of the proof of who Jesus is and was, in light of the evidence of His actions demonstrating His identity, I would ask you a simple question.  What does the evidence say about your life?  What does the evidence of your actions say of your identity?  The eyes of the world are upon you, watching you, and unfortunately they are judging you.  What will be proven about your life and character while on this earth?  Will there be evidence enough to convict you as a Christian?  Is there evidence enough to determine your identity as a child of the Living God?  Do people even know that you want to be identified as a Christian?

After spending a few hours with you, there should be at least a sense of peculiarity about you, an intrigue as to your real identity.  If someone is around you for even a day, there should be no doubt in their mind that you are different from the rest of the world.  If your actions were to be laid bare, your life should prove you are a follower of Christ.  There is proof in the evidence of your actions.  Sadly, there are many Christians who could not be convicted of actually being of a Christian.  Their life and personal actions do not parallel the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, or even a love for their fellow man.  If you are going to live as a Christian, make sure your actions create enough evidence to determine your identity as such.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Matt 26:59, Mark 14:55, John 13:35, John 14:10-12


Mommafromtherock said...

Powerful! God is surely using you in mighty ways. Through your blog, God has reached out and touched me personally so many times, that I can no longer count them. Never have any doubt that your ministry is reaching people!! Adam, thank you for your dedication and obedience, and for sharing what the Lord puts on your heart.

Adam J. Speck said...

Thank you so much. I appreciate the feedback. It blesses me to know people are impacted because of my effort and how the Lord has determined to use me!