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Divine Discontent

Divine Discontent
January 19, 2015
Genesis 1:27  "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them. . ."

The Creator Father, for His own personal glory, discontented with the way things were, decided to create.  How long was He alone in Heaven, maybe just the Trinity up there, playing board games together, discussing whatever it is divine beings discuss?  They couldn't talk about you and me; we weren't born yet.  Maybe we were the twinkle in His eye.  Nonetheless, He was dissatisfied with the status quo, possibly board from simply basking in the radiance of Heaven, and so the Father decided to create.  In the beginning the Lord God Almighty got creative and crafted us, perfectly in His own image, and He said that it was good.  The impetus for this  activity, the muse for this messy humanity, one will never know, but the Lord couldn't sit back any longer.  He was spurred to action.

The result of that creation was you and me.  We were created in His image.  Looking at the faces of those around me, seldom can I distinguish our resemblance to Him.  But the Bible says so, so we will submit to it.  You were made in the image of God, with all the same innate qualities of the Lord God Himself.  This carries with it the desire for good, the opportunity for jealousy, the compassion coming from nowhere, and mercy when mercy doesn't make sense.  It also carries with it a degree of divine discontent followed by the need to create, improve, forge, assemble, refine, and build.  It is an internal drive that spurs us to action, resulting in restless motivation to do something.  It isn't a sit-back-and-complain attitude, but a precursor to doing what the Lord would have for us to do in life.

You have a fire burning in your belly for something other than the status quo.  For each man it is a different fire, but a unique burden to move forward with something new, like the Father in Heaven did during Creation.  You cannot live up to your full calling in life unless you submit to moving forward with that drive to create, the compelling need to do something more, something better, something different.  This isn't creating a new religion, but furthering the Kingdom of God through the gifts and talents the Lord instilled inside of you.  It is a divine discontent with where you are, leading to a new work in alignment with the Lord's divine tenets.  It doesn't have to be in vocational ministry necessarily, but right where the Lord has placed you, in whatever field you're in.  The opportunity is as unique as you.

As you create, you are further creating in the image of the Lord.  You are like your Heavenly Father when you create, when you improve, when you forge, when you assemble, when you refine, and when you build.  It is in your blood; you were made for this.  If you've been sitting on the side and feeling discontent, then maybe it is a divine discontent, spurring you to action, a call to arms.  You can ignore it, squelch it, stuff it down, but it will always be there, urging you to get up and move.  While you may feel insecure about it, wondering if you've got what it takes, it is up to the Lord to lead you to success.  He only needs a willing vessel who will follow in His footsteps and who will follow His lead.  Listen to His leading; do what the Lord has placed in you to do and you will look more like the Heavenly Father for it.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Gen 1, Is 43:18, Rom 8:28, Phil 2:13

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