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On The Rocks

On The Rocks
June 8, 2015
Matthew 7:24  "'Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.'"

The Bible uses a great analogy regarding the foundation of our Christian walk.  In fact, the analogy came straight from the lips of Jesus.  He said any man who is wise would build his life on the foundational teachings directly from Jesus Himself.  The analogy compares putting into practice the sage instructions to a man who built his house on a solid rock foundation.  Jesus said the wise man would dig a deep foundation for his home in the bedrock and when the storms come the house would not be washed away.  This is in comparison to someone who took the short way out and built a house on sand, possibly a beach.  When the storms and tide roll in, the house is washed away.

But there is more to this analogy than just building a house on a rock.  Continuing with the parable, Jesus said the man had to dig deep into the rock.  If you've ever put a shovel into the ground and hit a rock, you'll know this isn't easy work.  In fact, my personal residence is one such home.  My house was built into the side of a hill and at first glance makes ones nervous.  But my house is older than I am and there isn't a single crack in the foundation.  My house was built on solid rock.  When the builders commenced work on my home, they had to blast their way through the rock in order to pour my home's foundation.  The rock removed from the footprint of my home was cast into the surrounding dirt.  I recently lost a large tree in my yard (a fast growing, nuisance of a tree) and had to dig out the roots.  The tree attempted to grow into this rock as well but never stood a chance.  It's roots tapped deep down into the soil but constantly hit rock.  With every shovel I thrust into the soil, I hit a rock, too.

Along with a great foundational bedrock comes the inability to grow something without intent.  This tree planted itself from a wind blown seed but because it was not planted with intent, in a strategic position without rock, it could not survive.  I've planted several trees in my yard that are thriving, but they were done strategically, with knowledge of the good soil locations.  However hard this tree tried, it wasn't going to make it, my bedrock foundation was too strong for it.  The persistency of the tree was never going to win.

When Jesus discussed the foundational bedrock, He never said it would be easy work.  Remember in the parable He said the man had to dig down deep in the rocks.  It was and is with intent that we place our foundational Christian walk in the instructions of Jesus.  It takes work, hard work to build on rock and must be strategic.  If done with intelligence, then the house will not be shaken when the storms of life arise.  Furthermore, if something tries to plant itself, without the permission of the homeowner, it cannot be done.  No matter how hard something tries to come against the foundation of Jesus in our lives, it will not prevail.

How much intent do you have in your personal foundation of Jesus Christ?  How much work have you placed into digging down deep to set it in stone?  I pray you work hard at it, choosing the right bedrock, thereby also hindering the weed-seed that would attempt to plant itself in your life.  Try, though it may, succeed will it not!

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Matt 7:25, Lk 6:48, Lk 8:6

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