Sunday, October 25, 2015

Missing Mercy

Missing Mercy
October 26, 2015
Psalm 6:9  "The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer."

The point of mercy is often missed.  Mercy isn't so someone can get away with murder; it isn't just clemency for wrong doing.  Mercy is an act of compassion in an effort to reduce someones just and due consequences--but for a reason.  Many punishments are given to the fullest extent of the law; yet often a lighter punishment can be given and still be considered just.  The factors that go into mercy are important.  Mercy, being steeped in compassion must be rooted in love.  King David knew this all too well.

King David deserved some severe consequences for his actions, his sins.  He had the option of being turned over to his enemy for a short time or being turned over to the wrath of the Lord for a short time.  David chose to be turned over to the wrath of God and experience His power.  David was a wise man, as stated in his reasoning for the choice.  He said that the Lord would execute the punishment but knew the Lord would also exercise mercy at the same time.  He knew the Lord was and is Almighty but he also knew the Lord was and is compassionate.  Essentially, David knew the Lord would hand out the punishment appropriately, and would do so in love.  That's the great thing about the Lord, even when He enforces discipline, He still does so in love.  David's enemies, if they had their way, would not have relented; they would not have shown any amount of mercy.

We all know the Lord is full of mercy, but for some reason we don't seem to allow the Lord to function in His mercy.  Sometimes, we hold ourselves to an unforgivable standard and don't accept the Lord's mercy.  Those of you who are perfectionists, when you fail the Lord, you feel you are unforgivable and cannot accept the Lord's mercy and cannot consider that the Lord actually does love you despite your sin.  The Lord's mercies are new every day but yours are not, necessarily.  We aren't so quick to have compassion on ourselves, because of the feeling of guilt, and therefore project that onto the Lord, thinking He doesn't even want us.  Remember, the Lord does everything out of His love for us.  If we don't accept the Lord's mercy for the wrong doing, then it means there is a bigger problem.  It means you might not love yourself, especially in the manner the Lord loves you.

If you are missing mercy in your life, then you might be treating yourself like David's enemies.  The Lord is full of mercy, but you might be your own worst enemy.  Mercy is there for a reason; it is given to those who have a contrite heart.  Consider that if you do not think you are deserving of mercy, then maybe your heart is a little hard.  If you are missing some mercy in your life, consider a little bit of humility and a contrite heart.  The Lord said He would never turn away a contrite heart.  When was the last time you asked the Lord for mercy?  Have mercy on yourself, because the Lord does.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Ex 33:19, 2 Sam 24:14, 1 Kings 8:28, 1 Chron 21:13, Ps 69:16, Pr 28:13, Hos 6:6, Lk 1:50, Rom 9:15-23

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