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No Specifics

No Specifics
November 16, 2015
Luke 8:46  "But Jesus said, 'Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.'"

There is power in the blood of Jesus.  The power sets everything right, regardless of what is wrong.  It has the ability to heal a person's health regardless of the issue; it has the ability to restore a desperate marriage no matter what the offense; it has the ability to forgive any wrong despite the severity.  Whatever the ailment, Jesus has the right fix.  It does not matter what is wrong, it only matters that you bring the issue to Him and trust in His power.

There was a woman in the Bible who was described as someone with an issue of blood.  A woman who was actively bleeding was considered unclean; a priest couldn't touch her.  But this woman, desperate for a healing, knew that the power that lived inside of Jesus could make her well.  All she needed to do was bring the issue to the feet of Jesus and He would have the exact fix for her problem.  The She didn't have to get specific with her prayer request; she only had to bring the issue to the feet of Jesus.  His power would automatically set it right and she knew this.  She tried to get close to Him but couldn't barely touch the hem of His clothing.  Immediately, she was healed.  Jesus turned around and wondered who touched Him.  Ironic that He asked that.  Wasn't He all knowing?  When the power flowed from Him to heal her, He knew that power had left Him to fix something wrong.  Did He have to ask her what she needed?  I doubt it.  The power had the right fix regardless of her or Jesus having to talk about what was wrong.  They both knew He had the power to make it right.  That is all that mattered.  She trusted in His power.

We get caught up in getting specific in how Jesus can fix our problems.  We even teach that if we don't get specific in our prayer request then the Lord doesn't know what we need.  This is foolish.  Let me provide this example.  If I see an elderly woman struggling to open a heavy door against a strong wind, I should have enough common sense to see that she needs my help.  I have enough intelligence to know what she needs without her asking.  If I go over and help her, I will only be successful in helping her if she steps out of the way.  If she blocks my attempt; I cannot help.  If she allows me to step in, then I know how best to help her.  She doesn't need to get specific with how I should help her.  She only needs to be willing to let me and trust that I can do it.

This is how it is the with Lord.  You must be willing to let His power help you; you only need to submit the issue to Him and let His power take over.  You don't have to tell Him what you need; His intelligence knows and His power can handle it.  You, however, must get out of the way and submit it to Him.  I find that the more I intervene, the more I work against the Lord.  The more specific I get the more Satan knows how to attack.  The more specific I get the more distrust I show in the Lord's ability to handle it.  The Bible says when you don't know how to pray then let the Holy Spirit intercede for you with groanings that words cannot express or comprehend.  The Lord knows better how to help you than you do.  His power knows better how to fix the situation than you do.  Let His power work and submit it to Him.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Luke 8:40-48, Rom 8:26-27

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