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July 18, 2016
Matthew 24:6  "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed."

In light of the violence around our world lately, it is necessary to get the right perspective.  Sure, it is appropriate to be concerned for the individuals affected, but we must be concerned for them for the right reasons.  Those reasons are actually not just for the physical safety of specific peoples groups but rather the condition of their souls and yours and those immediately around you.  Friends, brothers, and fellow Christians, these are the times spoken about in Scripture regarding the birthing pangs; they are happening right now, leading up to the last days.  While the violence is tragic, it has been predicted and should not be a shock to you.  I do not condone violence and hatred, but I cannot change anyone.  Let this be a wake up call for  all Christians around the world.  Your focus and mine should not first be on peace but on the condition of their souls.  As people die in the wake of such violence, their souls will be condemned to hell unless they have a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.

Jesus said in the last days there will be wars and rumors of wars.  If you really want to be scared at night, I suggest reading the book of Revelation, understanding what will be coming.  Paul warns of some more signs the end is near.  Read alongside his list in 2 Timothy 3.  He writes, "But mark this, there will be terrible times in the last days."  He said people will be: lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, lovers of evil, unfaithful, impulsive, conceited, and lovers of pleasure.  I'm not a sociologist, but I would think society can check every item off the list of accomplishments.  Something is interesting about the way the Bible talks about the last days.  Jesus said we should not be alarmed.

When I hear of a war or senseless violence, I automatically, like the majority of people, become concerned and saddened.  The Bible says it should not shock us or cause us to be afraid.  Why?  One possible reason: if the Enemy can distract us then we won't be focused on what really matters, the condition of our souls.  We think it is a condition of society, trying to fix things with politics or social reform, thinking we need peace.  It has nothing to do with any of those things and everything to do with the state of our hearts in relationship to God.  Violence in our society is Satan's way of creating a distraction away from God a wedge between Him and the world.  In fact, I've seen many people lately, even Christians, blaming God for allowing such disaster.  I've seen people get angry at God for seemingly walking away, turningg his back, and refusing to intervene.  God didn't go anywhere; the out-pour of violence is from people rejecting God.

There are two things you can do about the unfaithful condition in society, resulting in the violence today.  The first thing is to reach every lost soul with the message of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ.  Don't just pray that people get saved, do something about it; take the message to them.  The second thing you can do, as instructed by Paul after he lists off the condition of society, is to reject those kinds of people in your lives.  He doesn't suggest hating anyone, he doesn't suggest rejecting them as people, but he clearly warns that you should be different from them, set apart and holy.  This isn't isolation, but a recognition you should live and breath differently.  The Bible says you should have nothing to do with them.  Obviously, none of us are friends with the violent offenders, but what about those who are lovers of money or conceited or impulsive?  The point isn't to walk away from them the point is to not be like them, not indulging in their ways or entertaining their way of life.  Then, after you've realized how foolish they live, you'll be better equipped to care for their souls.

There is a war right now and there are rumors of more.  Don't be alarmed.  Instead, rise to action, being different and taking them the message of salvation.  Put some perspective on what is happening around you.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Matthew 24:4-8 2 Tim 3:1-5, Revelations

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