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God Won't

God Won't
August 22 2016
Matthew 18:3  "And he said, 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'"

The Lord can do anything, but He won't do everything.  There is a line He will not cross, actions He will not take, and steps He won't allow.  Specifically, He won't defy the rules, procedures, methods, and precedents He has set in place.  He does not change; He won't change.  He also won't answer your prayers, fight for you, or change you under certain conditions.  You are aware He is not a Santa Claus, giving you what you want just because He is good.  God won't work that way, He doesn't work that way.  The Lord is more than willing to follow through with His end of the equation, saving you and answering your prayers, but you and I must first hold up our end of the deal in order to allow it to happen.

You have unanswered prayer requests and I don't know the reason the Lord won't answer them.  But maybe, just maybe, there is a very valid reason as obvious as the nose on your face.  The Lord said He won't allow you to enter His kingdom unless you change and become like a little child.  Examining this for a moment, you see that entering Heaven is not a guarantee but an action predicated upon your action first.  You, I, must first change and become like a child.  Explaining this one step further we realize a child is full of trust, situational weakness, simplistic faith, and a degree of helplessness, acknowledging and requiring the assistance of someone else.  The Lord is asking you to change and become like this.  He won't do His part unless you do your part, change and become like a child.

Consider a valid, honest, and heartfelt prayer request, a prayer request to change your situation, your life, your problem.  No matter how valid or pure the prayer request, the Lord won't answer it until you become like that little child.  Remember He won't answer your call to enter Heaven unless you've become like that trusting, faithful child.  He won't answer your prayer request unless you've done the same.  It requires you to submit to Him, like a child must submit to an adult to survive.  I love the platitudes and cute sayings in social media declaring that the Lord will fight for, fight all your battles.  The bottom line is He won't.  God won't fight for you unless you become like a child and submit to Him.  God won't change you unless you become like a child and submit to Him.  God won't change your situation unless you become like a child and submit that situation to Him.  It is not enough to pray or ask the Lord to fight your battles, answer your tough prayer requests, solve your complicated problems.  You must take the first action in each and every situation, becoming like a child, full of trusting faith.  It is a full submission and declaration of helplessness, not just a feeling of helplessness but an action of surrender to His authority. 

Many of you feel helpless in your situation but that is not enough.  Sure, you acknowledge you are not big enough to solve your problem.  Great, that is the first step.  Then you do the next logical thing which is to present your problem and request to the Lord.  Perfect, you're almost there.  You have to take that final position and become like a child to the Lord in that prayer request, full of faith, trust, weakness, submission, and surrender, all the while hoping In Him.  God won't change your situation, answer that prayer request, until you change and become like that little child. 

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Num 23:19, Mal 3:6, Matt 18:2, Heb 11:6, Heb 13:8, Jam 13:8

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