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Truth Revealed

Truth Revealed
August 21, 2017
Revelation 3:9  "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you."

The letters Jesus wrote to the seven churches, His light to the world, all carried with them a strong degree of correction. This was for all the churches except for Philadelphia. Jesus had praise and encouragement for the church in Philadelphia. To the other churches He started His letters depicting His frustration and anger, but not so when He addressed Philadelphia. In their letter, Jesus described Himself as holy and true, holding the keys of David. The description of holding David's keys was in referencing to being a king, THE KING, and holding the rights to the throne. Those holding rights to a throne also had all power and authority over the kingdom. He was reminding the church that He had all power and authority over the world and all those in it, with the ability to make the inhabitants do what He wants. 

This was critical to encouraging the church of Philadelphia, reminding them He held the authority over all the inhabitants of the kingdom. The church in Philadelphia was like most healthy, God-fearing church today, dedicated in serving Him yet growing weary of doing the right thing and fighting off those who would try to pervert their Christianity. Jesus called those, who were not true Christians, liars. Jesus promised He would protect them from the liars. Not only would Jesus protect them from the liars, but make the liars confess the truth in front of them, being humbled on their knees and acknowledging the true saints as being right in the eyes of the Lord.

It does not matter that you are right and that others know it, however; it matters that you are right in the eyes of the Lord. It matters that your Christianity is true. It matters that you always do the right thing and deny those who would pervert Christianity trying to get you to do the same. Jesus encouraged that church and reminded them of His willingness to honor those who held to His teachings, who were not liars in their faith, and who stayed faithful to the end. Jesus holds the authority over those who are around you, those who may not be true Christians and those who may be attempting to deceive you. The Lord holds the authority over the liars. The truth will come out and the Lord will honor those who hold true to Him. The truth will be revealed in front of everyone. The Lord holds the keys to the kingdom and the door He has opened for you cannot be shut. He has opened the door to His kingdom for those who remain full of His truth.

Not only will the Lord reveal the truth, but some day those liars will be humbled in front of you. It is not your job to humble them or force them to admit you are right, that is the Lord's responsibility. He has promised to vindicate you, forcing them to acknowledge He has loved you on account of your faithfulness. He has promised to make them acknowledge He has shown you favor because you have held true to Him. Furthermore, the Lord has promised you will be spared from the suffering that is coming during the end times, keeping you from living through the tribulation. While the tribulation is a whole other conversation, all you you need to do is keep the faith, do the right thing, and the Lord will protect you from it. You are not a liar and the Lord desires you to hold truth to His word. He understands you are weary of doing right, when at times it would be easier to deal with liars according to their own methods. That is not an option if you are going to remain faithful to Him.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Ps 63:11, Rom 1:18, Gal 1:10, Col 3:9, Rev 2 & 3

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