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King Wanted

King Wanted
January 15, 2018
1 Samuel 8:19  ". . . we want a king over us."

Jesus is the ultimate king, although not in the traditional sense. You and I can understand this today, but the Jews in the Old Testament were foretold of someone who would be their king. This king was, and is, as they were told, going to rule over them, keeping peace while restoring order and defeating all their enemies. They were thrilled with this, as they had many enemies. Rewind the clock a bit, before they had a king, when the Lord led them out of the desert being freed from slavery. The Lord was their king back then, leading the nation who was without a homeland. But this wasn't good enough for some reason; they begged for a leader, a physical king who would rule over them.

Before the first king, Saul, was instilled, they had requested this leadership. The Lord warned them any human king would fail them, full of sin and subject to ruling in error. But they wanted one, nonetheless, so they could have someone, something, to submit to, a hierarchy of leadership for their lives. In this manner, they wouldn't have to try, someone else would just tell them what to do and take care of their problems, acting like a savior. The Lord instilled a king, per their request and the kings failed them over the years. Then came Jesus who was going to set it all straight. He was revealed as the final king, the king of all kings. He entered the city triumphal, and the Jews thought they were finally going to come out on top. Then this king was executed. No worries, he came back to life. As he appeared after the resurrection the disciples asked if it was time, if He was going to stay, time for Jesus to take the throne. Jesus knew what they meant, wanting Him to lead them on earth. They were still begging for a king.

Jesus said it was better that He not stay on earth with them. Wait, what? Jesus said it was better for them if He wasn't their physical king on earth? They didn't get it. They didn't get it thousands of years earlier and you and I still don't get it today. They wanted someone who would be king over their lives, but Jesus wanted to be king of their hearts. They wanted to keep their hearts to themselves, just let the leader lead in the physical. Jesus understood this. He said, before he went back to Heaven, that it was better He leave their physical presence, so they would be able to have the Holy Spirit, who would teach them how to surrender their hearts and truly live the way the Lord intended. Jesus wanted them to live empowered, but they still wanted to live overpowered by a leader.

We are the same way today, wanting someone to lead our general direction, but retaining the rights to our hearts, reserving our identity and pride as if it is of real worth. We don't get it. It is better that we have the Holy Spirit in our lives right now, then Jesus in the flesh, in our presence. No one would imagine this as better. If surveyed, my guess is the majority of Christians think it would be better if Jesus were here right now in the flesh, but Jesus would disagree. He left us in good hands, with the Holy Spirit, but it takes submission of our hearts. We want a king, but not the way the Lord designed it. He wants to be the king of our hearts; while we want to be king of our own hearts. Unfortunately it cannot work both ways. The human condition has not changed since before the Israelites. If He is going to be our king, it has to be in our hearts.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  1 Sam 8:5-22, John 14 & 16, Acts 1:3-6 

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