Monday, June 11, 2018

Is it Time

Is it Time
June 11, 2018
Psalm 102:13  ". . .for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come."

Time is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times, almost nine hundred if you want to count. The Lord uses time, though, differently than you and I do. In human terms, time is a unit of measurement to define a period or span, marking past, present, and future. In our terms, time is finite and immovable. It is not fluid nor is it flexible. Time has hard lines that do no stretch. But the Lord uses time much differently than we do. He uses time to delineate a change or mark an event that includes a before and after. You can see this when reading Scripture as He uses phrases like: the appointed time, in due time, the time has come. Time, for the Lord, marks an action, not keeping tabs on the collective sum of instants. Time, for the Lord, means change or that something is about to change.

The Lord is working in your life, and has been since before you were born. This work, an action word, denotes His intention for an outcome, as if He is working toward an appointed time for you. The appointed times for you mark a special event, turn of circumstances, completion of something, the start of new adventures, or the precipice of your purpose. This is how the Lord works, and Satan knows this. Satan may not know your future, but he knows your potential and he knows the Lord is working in your life for the appointed times. Satan's goal is delay your appointed times, to stop you from the purpose you were called. You can see this when he tempted Jesus in the desert before the crucifixion. Satan was trying to stall or stop the appointed time for Jesus to die on the cross. When Satan can intervene and affect God's work, it changes time, alters your history from what the Lord intended, and alters the future.

Christian, is it time for a change or something important in your life? Is there a work the Lord is doing? I would suggest the Lord is always doing a work, you just might not be focused on it the same way He is focused on it. Regardless, Satan is also working right now to stop your appointed times, to stall or derail you. There is a spiritual battle going on right now, fighting over the timing for your life, the timing that marks the change of seasons, the completion of something, the start of something new, or the precipice of your purpose. This timing marks a work, a work that is part of the Lord's planning for you from the beginning. But you have to pay attention to it, looking out for it, working in tandem with the Lord. If you are going about your life as you see fit, failing to pay attention to the work the Lord is doing in your life, then you will miss your appointed times, your purpose, being derailed without knowing it.

There is a work going on in your life and maybe you can sense the enemy's intent to stall your timing, to derail your work. This is where you get to help out. You get to remove all the possible barriers and temptations in your life, just like Jesus did when Satan tempted Him in the desert, bringing about a single focus. Jesus refused to allow the devil to steal His appointments. Is it time for an appointment in y our life?

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Ecc 3, Is 48:16, Jer 25:34, Ez 7:12, Hag 1:2, Matt 4:17, Mark 1:15, Mark 14:41, John 4:23, John 5:25, John 16:21

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