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Faith is Power

Faith is Power
October 8, 2018
Mark 5:34 "He said to her, 'Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.'"

There is no doubt that Jesus has the power to perform miracles. A miracle can be defined as something that happens defying the laws of nature or science. You and I have no power to make miracles happen, that alone is held by the Lord. But despite our powerlessness, our faith has the ability to put us in a position to affect a miracle. There was a woman who was suffering; she needed healing. She had never physically met Jesus be she knew who He was. She also knew what He could do. The Bible says everywhere Jesus went, He healed anyone who requested it. The sick came to him and He healed them. This woman knew the power of the Lord, the legends about Him were real. She knew He was so powerful that all she had to do was touch the hem of this clothes and His power would heal her. She determined in her heart she would attempt the touch.

Jesus was in a crowd of people, a tight crowd of people huddled around Him, bumping up against Him. This woman, however, pushed close and reached her hand through the hoard. Jesus never saw her hand reach through the crowd, but she was able to extend her arm just long enough to brush up against His clothes. The Bible says instantly she was healed. Jesus felt the power leave Him to heal her and questioned who touched Him. This was a funny statement to the disciples, because so many people had been touching Him the prior few moments. But despite the several people huddled around Him closely, none of them received any disbursement of power. Only the woman who had faith in His power to heal her had any transfer of miracles happen to her.

She confessed it was her touch on His clothes and the Lord's response was interesting. He said that her faith is what healed her. Jesus did not directly exercise His free will to heal her. It was His power and her faith in His power that healed her. She did not have to ask Him to heal her, she had faith in His power and that was it. His power was and is there, and she had faith to receive that power for the healing. And immediately she was healed. Oh to have the faith of that woman. She is the only one recorded in the Bible to have received something by faith without asking for it. This speaks to several things. First and foremost, our faith has more power than we will ever realize. Second, there are many things out there from the Lord, extended to those who simply have faith to receive them. This also means we leave many things on the table with the Lord, as it takes faith to receive them.

It is impossible to know what all the Lord has for us if we just have the faith to believe in receiving it. But the point is not in what we could receive, the point is our faith and how firmly planted in our belief system. The woman who was healed, her faith was not a belief, it was a known fact, almost as if it was a known fact of science. Miracles are defined by human standards, but to the Lord, His power is scientific fact but it takes our faith to reveal it as such. The woman who was healed is not known by her name, she is known by her faith. Your faith has the power to affect miracles in your life, but it takes the kind of faith the woman had, the kind that understood it more like a fact than a belief. What is it you believe and what is it you know as fact? Should you 

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Mark 5:21-43, James 1:6

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