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On Your Behalf

On Your Behalf
December 10, 2019
Matthew 2:9 ". . . And the star which they saw in the east went before them until it came and stood over where the young Child was."

If you re-read the story of the nativity, between all four Gospels, you'll find some details that are far more critical to the story than most realize. Aside from the Savior's birth, there are some amazing examples of the Lord's workings. Recall that three magi traveled from the East. No one knows for sure how far they traveled, possibly two or three months, following a star. The Lord had to put that star in place, months in advance of Jesus' birth, just to get those men moving. Mary was likely still only six months pregnant when these magi were studying the stars and decided to read through the Scriptures to understand prophecy enough to commit to the journey and bring the Christ child important gifts. Joseph and Mary had no idea these men were following a star in the sky on their behalf.

When the magi got into town, they presented themselves to the ruler of the land, Herod, as non-hostile visitors. Herod was nervous about this new child being born, a threat to the throne. Herod plotted to kid this baby Jesus, with Joseph and Mary having no idea Herod perceived the child as a threat. But the three wise men were led by the Holy Spirit to throw Herod off the scent. Again, Joseph and Mary had no idea these three wise men were working on their behalf. Then Herod issued an order to kill all the babies two years old and younger, born in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary escaped with Jesus, but countless other mothers had their babies ripped from their side and killed. 

Joseph and Mary were willing participants in the birth of Jesus, but that does not mean Joseph and Mary were working to protect and manage the entire situation. Someone else was orchestrating it all behind the scenes, on their behalf. The Lord was in charge, managing the magi following the star. The Lord placed that star there and the Lord coached the magi. The Lord protected baby Jesus from the decree that killed countless other babies, saving Joseph and Mary from the grief of losing a child. The Lord sent His angels to appear before the shepherds in the field, telling them of the wondrous thing that had been done. After the shepherds honored the baby Jesus, they went off and spread the word about the Christ-child; they were the first evangelists. These evangelists made it far easier for Joseph and Mary to be walking around with the Savior of the World tucked in their arms. Joseph and Mary did not have to do but a fraction of the work surrounding the birth of their Child. The Lord prepared the place for Mary to give birth, preparing in advance the exact time and location. The Lord orchestrated it all on their behalf. Joseph and Mary possibly thought they were doing all the work, but remember that the prophecy was that the Christ child would be born in Bethlehem. Had the Lord not coaxed the rulers to require a census, Joseph and Mary would not have had to travel to Bethlehem when she was nine months pregnant. Again, the Lord orchestrated all this on their behalf.

If you want to argue that the Lord did all this because it was Jesus and was only working behind the scenes to protect His son, and would not do the same for you, then you'd be playing the part of a fool. The Lord is working on your behalf at this very moment. Remember the reason WHY Jesus had to come to earth in the first place, to die in place of your sins. The Lord did all this on behalf of Joseph and Mary, all on account of you and me. The Lord IS working on your behalf, setting things in motion months, even years, in advance. Christian, there is so much work behind the scenes going on right now, a massive orchestration of a magnitude you cannot comprehend. The Lord is working on your behalf at this very moment, resolving some situations and starting others in motion, setting you up for the best possible success in regard to His plan for your life. Part of your worries are that you don't trust Him, trusting that He is actually working for you. The Lord loves you and wants you to understand that your life has been an integral part of His plan since the beginning. He IS working on your behalf right at this very moment. Be encouraged, because He is doing all of this out of His intense love for you. Jesus came as a baby, on your behalf.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Ps 139:13-14, Matt 1&2, Rom 8:28

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