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Jesus Can't

Jesus Can't
April 22, 2019
Mark 6:5  "He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them."

To put a limit on what the Lord can or could do in your life is a travesty. There is nothing outside the Lord's ability or power to accomplish. The Lord may be willing and wanting to do so much more in your life, but the limiting factor for His miracles is  not the Lord. While it is true, the Lord tests your motives when you ask of Him, you likely have left many miracles in your life on the table, not receiving them. There is an aspect to the Lord's character that often gets overlooked, but our limiting factors actually become the Lord's limiting factors. The foundational element to the Christian walk is faith, and when we have a limited faith, then the Lord has limited power in our lives. There are actually many miracles that the Lord cannot perform, simply because of our faith. The Lord cannot overcome our own faith in order to perform wonders in our lives. Faith is the fuel for a miracle, and if you've not gotten the miracle you require, then maybe your faith has put a limiter on Him.

Jesus sat teaching many people,  out in the open, to masses of people. He would not only teach, but perform miracles in connection with the teaching. As He was teaching, I would venture to guess He could see their faith gauge changing inside their hearts. Some people, when hearing His words, were doubters and their hearts actually sealed off even more. Others, upon hearing Hum teaching, opened their hearts wider, believing in the message that He was bringing. On one occasion, Jesus sat teaching those who knew Him, who had years of history with Him. The Bible says He left there and could not perform miracles among them because of their unbelief. Their unbelief actually limited the power of Jesus. They heard His words and chose to harden their hearts. His miracles walked away from them when He walked away from them. Jesus cannot perform a miracle for the one who does not believe.

When Jesus left the area, unable to perform miracles because of their unbelief, He had just finished explaining that all it took was faith as a mustard seed. Believing that the Lord has power is not enough; you must believe that He is willing and able to help your specific cause. The demons believe He has power, that in and of itself is not the limiting factor; they know who He is and what He can do. The limiting factor is not belief in the Lord's power, but the Lord's power over  your life.

Many people walk through life thinking that the Lord does not give notice to them, that the Lord is busy and could not be bothered with such a simple person or simple request. This belief, this heart-and-mind set, is the limiting factor. In this instance, Jesus can't and so He won't. But it isn't the fault of the Lord that you might be missing your miracle. Believe and know that He is standing there, excited to be part of your life, wanting to do so much more, to fix your brokenness and heal your wounds. But the Lord won't, unless you want Him to and unless you believe that He wants to be a part of your life. Jesus is not only alive, but wanting to be active  in your life, but He can't unless you invite Him to be a part of that. It takes faith to activate that miracle.

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Matthew 13:31-58, Mark 6:1-6, James 2:19, James 4:2-3 

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