Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Knowledge

New Knowledge
October 7, 2019
Romans 9:15  "For he says to Moses, 'I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.'"

The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change and He is not new. His character is steadfast and He is truth. These things are not debatable, however, are you fully aware of who He is? If you think you know, truly know, who the Lord is, then you're shorting yourself and limiting God. It is an easy question to ask a child what they learned new at school today. The child did not actually learn anything new, the child just came into the knowledge of what was. But, it was new for the child. Learning new things as a child is a daily occurrence, but how about as an adult? We may be forced to learn something new at work, but do you force yourself to learn new habits, new concepts, new skills? How about with the Lord. Did you learn anything new about the Lord today, not that there is anything new about the Lord, but new to you?

There are angels assigned to fly around the Lord continually, in the throne room of Heaven, and each time they pass around Him and His glory, they discover something new about His majesty. But they are not looking directly at Him, rather covering their eyes from the blinding light. We've become so casual with the Lord that we've made Him into a man to have a conversation with, rather than a God to worship. We cannot digest the magnificence of who He is, so we bring Him down on our level so we can understand Him.  Once we've drawn Him down to size, then we've limited Him to how big and how wonderful and how amazing He could truly be to us. If we've limited Him, then there is nothing new to learn about Him. There is nothing new to the Lord and your relationship with Him, unless you keep Him on His throne and make concerted effort to expand your knowledge and understanding of Him.

The Lord is like a gleaming diamond, illuminating light from all His facets. But that is too bright for many of us, we shield our eyes from all the reflection. We do not let all the facets of the Lord permeate our lives, we cover them up and limit God. We know God, we've known God for so long that we are tight and close. Not so. You cannot learn all there is to know about God. You cannot understand all there is to understand about the Lord in a human lifetime. If you are not growing in your knowledge of the Lord, then you've limited Him and you are limiting your life.

Paul writes that as Christians, our responsibility is to grow in the knowledge of the Lord daily. Most people understand Paul to be addressing new Christians, and even if he was then so be it. If coming to the full knowledge of the Lord takes more than a hundred lifetimes, then 15 more years of knowledge ahead of someone else is still barely at the beginning line. You are not even close to knowing who the Lord is, even if you've learned about Him the last 60 years. Your job is to stay humble and learn something new about the Lord everyday. Your job is not to fully understand Him, but learn on a daily basis. What did you learn new about the Lord today?

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Col 2:1-7, Rev 4

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