Monday, September 14, 2020

The Work Gets Completed

The Work Gets Completed

September 14, 2020

Genesis 1:17 "So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so."

In reading the Bible, from the beginning, the Lord's character is revealed throughout. In Genesis, the opening chapters of the creation story, we learn very little about the Lord, other than the fact that He was the creator. There is no mention of His compassion or mercy, no commentary of His sense of right and wrong, just an organized detail of how He created the world. Rightly so, the beginning is usually a good place to start. The Bible sets out explaining that He, the Lord, was the one responsible. In the opening chapters of the Bible, it is declared that God is the reason everything came into existence. God was the one who created it, God was responsible, and God was (and is) in charge. He had dominion over creation.

The second thing we glean from the opening chapters of the Bible, is the quality of God in organization. He set boundaries for the waters and the sky, times for light, regulations on food, and instructions for subduing the earth. Do remember, we were (and are) created in His image. It is rather clinical to think, but the Bible discusses the ground work for business and getting things in motion. This is intentional; before He can interact with His creation, creation must be set in motion.

One of the most important things, however, that we learn in the creation story, is the Lord's act of completion. He said there should be light and it was so. If you re-read the first chapter in Genesis, after He spoke something into existence, the Bible says, "and it was so." The Lord is true to His word, He does not waiver; what He says comes to completion. In fact, when you get to the end of all the acts of creating, the Bible says that the Lord was completed in His work. The Lord declared his work complete and rested on the seventh day. What the Lord set out to accomplish, He accomplished.  The other notable accomplishment in the Bible, were marked by words similarly spoken by Jesus on the cross. When Jesus was about to take His last breath on the cross, He said, "it is finished." Jesus declared that work was completed, too. He had a plan that was set out before Him to accomplish, and He did what He said He was going to do. Jesus was with God at the beginning, completing creation, and Jesus completed the other work on earth that He set out to accomplish on the cross.

The Lord is faithful to complete His work, and that includes the work that He is doing in your life as well. When He sets out on a task, it is well thought out and executed with intent. The Lord is determined in His outcome and it always comes to resolve. No where in Scripture does it say the Lord failed any of His works or purposes. No where in Scripture is a promise left unfulfilled. No where in Scripture does God leave His children stranded or without a plan. The Lord always has a plan and He has one now. The Lord knows what He is doing in your life and on this earth and nothing is out of His control. He is working through His creation even now and completing the work through your life. Your life is not an accident, rather methodically organized and planned by the Lord, bringing everything to fruition as intended. There is not failure on the Lord's behalf. There will be a point in your story when the Lord says it is complete, but that time is not today. 

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Gen 1, John 19:30, Phil 1:6

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