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Unforgivable Sin

Unforgivable Sin
Sept 12, 2011
Mark 3:29 "But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin."

Jesus was a man. Yes, He was the son of God, which made Him a deity, but He was also a man. In that same vein, He functioned all the days of His life on earth as a man. He performed many miracles, which seem to reflect Him as God, but He performed them as a man. Interestingly, if you tally all the miracles performed by Jesus and compare them to the miracles performed by the disciples after Jesus ascended into Heaven, the number that Jesus performed would be small. But few seem to remember that the disciples worked miracles, too. In fact, it was Jesus who taught the disciples His secret to performing miracles: the Power of the Holy Spirit. Anything Jesus did on earth was only through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not perform any god-like functions in His own strength while earth bound; He was a conduit of the Holy Spirit.

On one occasion while Jesus was performing miracles, the Pharisees accused Him of driving out demons by the power of a demon. Jesus was quick with His retort, saying that it was by the Power of the Holy Spirit (not the power of a demon or His own power as the Son of God). This led to the next discussion Jesus had regarding the Holy Spirit: blaspheming the Holy Spirit as an unforgivable sin. He said that you could deny Jesus as the Son of God and still be forgiven, but you would never be forgiven if you blasphemed against the Holy Spirit. The word blaspheme was used to describe an abuse, a curse, or irreverence regarding the Power of the Holy Spirit. Why this is such a grave sin, I do not understand, but I DO understand the Power of the Holy Spirit.

When my wife was pregnant with our second child, she suffered from a brain tumor. She could not undergo treatments while pregnant. Our unborn daughter at the time also suffered in utero, as all the scans and ultrasounds reflected health problems. The doctors said it appeared our unborn child would enter the world with mal-functioning kidneys, spina bifida, and Down’s syndrome, if she made it out alive (my wife’s tumor could have terminated the pregnancy). All we could do was pray that the Power of the Holy Spirit, the same Power that raised Christ from the dead, would heal our daughter. Our daughter was soon born and in perfect health; her kidney issues resolved within months. No spina bifida or Down’s, either. A few weeks later, the doctors checked on my wife’s brain tumor. The results were astonishing. They could not find a tumor; the Lord had healed her through the Power of the Holy Spirit. To honor the Lord and the Power that healed our daughter, we named our daughter a very special name which carries the meaning of the Holy Spirit. Her first name means "like a dove" or "small bird" and her middle name means "small fire" or "like tongues of fire" (both references to the physical demonstration of the Holy Spirit).

I say all this as to not blaspheme the Power of the Holy Spirit. If I count my wife’s healing and my daughter’s perfection to happenstance, I blaspheme the Holy Spirit, an unforgivable sin. If I attribute success to modern science and do not speak reverently of the Power of the Holy Spirit, I blaspheme Him. If I dismiss miracles in my life as commonplace or random acts of nature, I risk living with an unforgivable sin. If I call my miracles as though I somehow had a part in them, I risk the Lord holding something against me. You, too, have undoubtedly had a miracle in your life at one point or another and must recognize that it was through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Recount your story and be sure to attribute the success to the Power of the Holy Spirit. Be careful not to give credit to modern science, luck, randomness, or the gods of this world. This could leave you with an unforgivable sin.

Don't take my word for it; look it up: Matt 9:4-8, Matt 10, Matt 12:15-32, Mark 2:23 - Mark 3:30

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