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Help Yourself

Help Yourself
May 14, 2012
Proverbs 28:26  "Those who trust in themselves are fools . . ."

I have heard it said that the Lord helps those who help themselves. This concept is not actually found in the Bible and is almost heretical in nature. True, the Lord chastises the slothful person for not working hard, but He never said that we must toil alone. The Lord requires us to do our best, to try hard, to stay diligent, and to be a good worker in all that we do, but He never suggested that we should trust in our own efforts for success. The Lord never even suggested that you could actually do anything on your own.  Nor should you try.

You are human, flawed, imperfect, and even sometimes a failure. But there is one who is divine, perfect, always a success; His name is I AM. He is all things and is the one who gives us success, helps us when we need it, grants us the good in our lives, and sustains us. The Lord wants you to seek Him and look for Him first in all things, before you work hard. Scripture says that unless the Lord builds the house, the laborer toils in vain. It means that the Lord is the one who grants the success.

King David wrote that his help came from the Lord, the Creator of the Universe. He also said that apart from the Lord he would have nothing good in his life.  David’s son, Solomon, said that a man’s heart might plan his own life, but the final say in it all comes from the Lord.  Despite the many talents and abilities that the Lord has given you, He still does not want you to attempt anything on your own.  He doesn’t want you to do anything by yourself, nor should you have to do it alone.

When King David talked about his help coming from the Lord, he was slightly bragging.  David was a king, a mighty warrior, and talented in many other areas of life, but he was saying that He still had God on his side.  You couldn't get any higher in the kingdom than David, yet he was acknowledging that his power was nothing in comparison to the Lord.  It is like a child bragging in the strength of his dad; no one else is bigger or stronger.

Christian, if the Lord is on your side, and He is, then why would you want to attempt to do anything in life without first asking Him for help?  The Apostle Paul boasted in the strength of the Lord; he said he could do anything if he did it through the strength of Jesus Christ.  This life is tough enough, why would we want to make it any more difficult by not seeking help from the Lord first?  He is our deliverer, our shield, our savior, our strength, our salvation, our advisor, our help.  If you need help, don’t ask your family, friend, or neighbor until you have asked for help from above.  The biggest way to help yourself is by asking the Lord for it.  Acknowledge Him first and He will make your path perfectly straight. If you don’t ask for the Lord’s help and simply trust in human efforts, the Bible says you will be cursed.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Acts Ps 33:11, Ps 16:2, Ps 54:4, Ps 94:17, Ps 121:2, Ps 127:1, Pr 16:1, Jer 17:5, Rom 8:31, 1 Cor 8:6, Philippians 4:13

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