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God's Got Your Back

God's Got Your Back
Sept 29, 2014
2 Thessalonians 1:6  "God is just: he will pay back trouble to those who trouble you."

Have you ever been in the woods and crossed the path of a mother bear protecting her cubs?  No?  Neither have I, because I wouldn't be here to tell about it.  Apparently you don't want to come near the den of a mother bear when her cubs are little; she will protect them at all costs, without holding back.  She will destroy anything she deems a possible threat to the livelihood of her young.  The young cubs will be unaware of it, but the mother bear considers anyone and anything a credible threat.  She will attack, with only a small, short warning.  You'd better heed the small, short warning, lest you be mauled.  I have five children, and I can promise this is the same for human parents.  They will protect their children instinctively against any perceived threat, however rational or not.

The Lord is the same way, despite our understanding of its timing or validity.  He will protect His children to the extreme.  In over half the books of the Bible, the Lord promises to avenge, repay, destroy, annihilate, punish, and plunder those who rise up against His children.  He vows His protection to His children similar to a mother bear and her cubs.  I would not want to cross a mother bear and I would not want to cross the Lord.  In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel received the promise of the Lord's protection.  In the New Testament, it extended to those who were and are willing to be grafted in to the family of the Lord.

The Lord demonstrated His protection time and again in the Old Testament.  It is well documented and those on the wrong end of His stick could attest to it.  The Children of Israel of the Old Testament, by extension today are living in the nation of Israel.  This is why many nations extend the aid of armed forces to Israel against those who would see it destroyed.  It is also why many nations are afraid of Israel, because they can read of the Lord's promises of protection in the Bible.  They are afraid of offending Israel, lest they offend the Lord and wake the mother bear.

If nations today make military decisions and alliances based upon the writings and promises in the Bible, it would be reasonable to consider doing the same.  If you consider yourself a Child of the Lord Almighty, then you've been promised His protection.  The Lord's got your back.  But this is the same for ALL the Lord's Children.  It goes both ways.  You might stand taller knowing the Lord is behind you, but be careful how you treat your fellow Christians.  In a moment of weakness on the highway or in line at the grocery store, you might threaten one of the Lord's little lambs.  This would and could awake the mother bear inside of Him, protecting His child.  If you want the Lord's protection then be aware that His wrath could come against you someday for your actions toward another.  Just because the Lord has your back does not mean you can do what you want in stepping on others, or threatening the spiritual livelihood of His child.

It would also go well with you to make genuine alliances with others who are considered a child of the Lord.  Make sure you stay on the correct side of the mother bear.  If someone has risen up against you; just sit back and watch the Lord work.  No need to step in and help Him out.  He's got it!

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Deut 32:35, 1 Kings 2:44, Job 21:19, Pro 24:12, Is 59:18, Jer 51:6, Zeph 2:8-11, Rom 2:6, Rom 12: 17-19, 2 Tim 4:14

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