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Unexplainable Events

Unexplainable Events
Sept 15, 2014
2 Kings 18:29  "This is what the king says: Do not let Hezekiah deceive you. He cannot deliver you from my hand."

Hezekiah was a king in the Old Testament who was regarded highly for following the Lord.  Hezekiah tried to rule as the Lord would have him lead, as he put his faith and trust in the Lord to accomplish the task.  There was an enemy king desiring to rule over Hezekiah and all the Children of Israel, but Hezekiah did not submit to this enemy king, nor did the Lord want them to submit to foreign reign.  Hezekiah tried to resist this king's army but wasn't successful at keeping him away.  In an effort to appease the foe for the defiance, Hezekiah took gold and silver from the Lord's Temple and tried to bribe the enemy king.  It wasn't working and now Hezekiah's back was against a wall.

Hezekiah had tried to do the right thing but when it appeared it wasn't working he made a bad decision by giving away gold and silver from the Lord's storehouse.  The war wasn't over yet, but Hezekiah got fearful of annihilation and tried to fix the situation according to what seemed his only option at the time.  Because Hezekiah got fearful, the Lord's storehouse had to pay the price.  This was NOT part of the Lord's design; the Lord never intended to give gold and silver to this foreign king.  Hezekiah made a decision out of fear and it was a foolish one.  He knew he wasn't supposed to submit to this foreign king's rule, but could not get out of the situation on his own.  The bribe didn't work and the enemy king wanted it all.  Now they were really pinched.  So, what does everyone do when they are out of options?  They pray and they pray hard.

Thankfully, the Lord was in control the entire time and was willing to fight on behalf of His servant Hezekiah and the Children of Israel.  In the middle of the night, while Hezekiah and the whole nation were sleeping, the Lord sent His angel of death into the camp of the enemy king.  Somehow, someway, an unexplainable event happened in that camp at night and 150,000 soldiers were killed.  No one knows what happened and the only wording in the Bible says the angel of the Lord put them to death.  How He did it will remain a mystery but nonetheless the Lord accomplished the unexplainable without Hezekiah or the fighting men doing a thing.  The Lord stepped in and moved His mighty hand in a way that only a God could.  A covert operation could not have killed 150,000 men while they slept.  It was nothing short of a miracle and the Lord moved when everyone else was asleep.  No one can explain how it happened, we just know it did happen.

Whether your back is against the wall and you're making bad decisions or you simply do not know how to resolve a situation, the Lord has a solution and does not have to explain Himself.  He can and does work when we are in a pinch and prefers to work in unexplainable events.  You cannot predict His methods or try and rationalize how He will work it out.  He worked on Hezekiah's behalf and provided a solution no one expected or could have predicted.  Hezekiah didn't propose a few options and let the Lord pick.  Hezekiah didn't tell the Lord how to work it out; the Lord doesn't take marching orders from anyone.  The Lord didn't ask how best He could perform His job; He doesn't solicit survey responses from a man.  The Lord can work in any way He deems best and will do so when the time is right.  You and I are not to determine when the time is right but the Lord will work in an unexplainable event when He decides it is time to reveal His glory in it all.

I'd like to know how those 150,000 men died in their camp that night but it's better it remains an unexplainable event.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  2 Kings 18, Pr 14:12, Pr 16:25

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