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God Mocks

God Mocks
June 13, 2016
Psalm 2:3  "The one enthroned in Heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them."

While the Lord is gentle and kind, benevolent and patient, He is still a multi-faceted being, capable of every emotion instilled in humans.  The Lord gets angry, sad, happy, glad, jealous, and even sarcastic.  It isn't very politically correct to suggest the Lord gets sarcastic, but it's true.  God even teases and mocks, making fun of stupid people.  Before you get the impression it is a good idea to mock someone, being unkind in your thoughts, speech, or tone, consider who the Lord is for a moment and why He might be driven to mock a person.  The Lord never desires to insult someone in a harmful way, if He can build him up instead.  However, the sarcasm and the mocking comes from a point of last resort, to get someones attention when his heart is so hard that wounds from the Lord might actually get through.

Throughout the Bible, it says that the Lord laughs, even scoffs to the point of mocking.  These emotions and actions from the Lord are usually directed at His enemies.  Before you think it appropriate to do the same, you are not the Lord.  The Lord does so from a point of sovereignty and power, not arrogance.  Consider an ant walking across your path, shaking his fist at you and telling you it will take you down.  You are likely to laugh at the absurdity of the power of the ant against yours, the will of the ant over your will.  No scenario would ever play out where an ant would triumph over a human.  It is easy, as a human, to laugh at the idea of an ant overtaking you, to mock the enemy ant's audacity against your position.  This is how it is with the Lord.  He is confident in His power, His position, His authority and any human who suggests going against the Lord's desire or will is going to get mocked.  No human can ever win out against the Lord.

You may not be an enemy of the Lord, worthy of being mocked, however I would suggest you've made some pretty presumptive moves in your life, attempting to take control over a situation when you should have submitted to the Lord.  We've all tried to push against an uncomfortable scenario, in an effort to get our own way, and ended up getting kicked in the teeth.  Maybe that situation you tried to stiff-arm was actually the Lord's will, and getting kicked in the teeth was actually the Lord slightly scoffing at your attempts to assert your will over His.  As a child, this lesson should be easily learned when a parent enforces a house rule or behavioral standard.  The child will try to buck the system meant to keep him safe but it usually ends in futility for the child if the parent is a good parent.  Yet we don't learn, do we?  Even as children, we try to asset our will over a situation and it seldom works out that we get our own way.  Some of you have figured this out, but some of you, even as adults still do this over the Lord.  You think you are in charge of your life and you think you get to call the shots.  I've made this mistake and it has never worked out even in my adult life. 

I don't ever want to be mocked or scoffed at by the Lord, therefore I am determined not to be His enemy.  However, there are more subtle ways I'm likely to get a sarcastic response from the Lord.  Those are the days I tell the Lord I'm going to do what I want, get my own way, and I attempt to take it.  I actually appreciate the Lord's sarcasm a little, because it keeps me in check, lest I carry it too far and find myself being opposed by the Lord.  That never ends up working out.  Remember, anyone who does not obey the Lord is considered His enemy.  His enemies are going to get mocked.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Ps 2, Job 38, James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5 

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