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God's Re-Work

God's Re-Work
June 20, 2016
Philippians 1:6  "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

The Lord is into fixing things.  His specialty, after creating, is fixing.  Throughout Scripture the Lord shows time and time again His willingness and ability to rescue, save, redeem, fix, make new, forgive, start over, refresh, awaken, and bring back to life.  He probably spends more energy rebuilding than He did creating everything from scratch in the first place.  To be clear, the Lord builds in perfection then allows man to enter that perfection.  Man messes up His perfection.  If you're human, you foul up the Lord's design; it's what you do.  If you're the Lord, you re-work things; it's what you do.  The Lord allows you to play in His spaces, knowing you will need rescuing, even if you are doing your very best.

King David, though He was a devout God-follower, still managed to mess up his own life, the lives of his kids, and even the security of his nation.  David's best still ended up in personal failure which led to unnecessary deaths, destruction of his own children, permanent division in his family, civil war within his kingdom, and attacks from neighboring nations.  And David was even considered the Lord's chosen one.  How could David have been given so much, being capable of phenomenal leadership, and yet screw up so badly?  The answer is he was human just like you and me.

You may have not messed up to the scale and degree of King David but undoubtedly you've messed up your life a bit.  You are probably no where near the picture of your life you set out to create.  You are probably no where near the picture of your life the Lord set out to create.  My question for you today is what will you do going forward?  You could live in regret of your history and failures, permanently frozen from moving forward with His plan for you.  That is an option, as most Christians end with choice selection.  You could walk away from the Lord altogether, thinking you're so far from where you are supposed to be that the Lord isn't interested in performing a miracle.  Sadly, many choose this option as well.  You could also do the right thing and pursue a renewed vision for your future, asking the Lord to rebuild your life.  This is actually what the Lord desires for you.

You've undoubtedly tried your hardest in life and yet feel this is not where you were supposed to end up.  I agree with you.  This isn't it; today is not the pinnacle of your Christian walk.  You've either arrived, in which case you'd be in Heaven or there is so much more for you to accomplish.  Very few are fully confident in being finished with what the Lord has asked.  If you are satisfied with all that you've done for the Lord, thinking there isn't much left, then you're either: Jesus, fallen significantly short, stopped trying, given up, or lost sight of His plan.  This isn't meant to pick a fight or offend you, but to suggest the Lord isn't finished with you yet.  He hasn't given up on you.  He hasn't stopped working on you.  He hasn't stopped loving you and He hasn't stopped desiring more from your life.  I promise, if you so chose to continue on with the Lord, there will be heart-ache, failures, frustrations, set backs, and road blocks.  That is your sure sign you are to stay rooted in Him and continually seek the forward vision for your life.

If you have no forward vision for your life from the Lord, then you haven't sought His council.  He has something for you, more for you, and it isn't about blessing, it's about something to accomplish.  But first, you need fixing.  You need re-worked to get yourself back into alignment with His perfect path for you.  If you think you never need re-alignment with the Lord's plan for your life, then you're farther from His will than you think.  My life takes daily fixing.  Ask Him for a re-work, an awakening to what He has for you.  It will probably be filled with work, but will be far more satisfying than what you're doing right now.

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  2 Sam 12, Is 43, Eph 5:17, Acts 2:17, Rom 12, Joel 2:28 

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