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Arguing with God

Arguing with God
July 21, 2008

Exodus 4:13 But Moses said, "Oh Lord, please send someone else to do it."

Moses was minding his own business when a strange opportunity presented itself. Recall the burning bush where Moses stood on the mountain top and talked with God. We've all seen Hollywood's version of this scene, where Moses walked over to a bush that burned but was not consumed. The Lord spoke to Moses through this burning bush and gave him a crazy proposition. Well, it was more of a quest or a call to action. Instead of jumping at the opportunity, Moses proceeded to have an argument with God.

The Lord requested something of Moses and instead of offering his services willingly he gave the Lord every excuse as to why it would not work or why he was not the man for the job. At the risk of adding or taking away from the Bible, the conversation between God and Moses has been edited for the illustration of this point. The conversation went something like this:

God: "Moses, Moses!"
Moses: "Here I am."
God: "This is God; I have a job for you."
Moses: "But I am a nobody."
God: "Don't worry, I'll go with you."
Moses: "But no one will listen to me or believe me."
God: "Tell them God said so. It won't be easy, but I'll do all the work."
Moses: "But no one will listen to me or believe me."
God: "Then I will prove to them that I told you to do this."
Moses: "But I'm not really qualified to do this."
God: "If I sent you, then I've qualified you. Just do what I ask of you."
Moses: "Can't you find someone else."
God: "No one else will do; I've hand picked you for this."

It is easy to see from this short, paraphrased version, what was going through Moses' mind. He was afraid of getting uncomfortable or that he would not have success. Moses was doing just fine in his life and was getting nice and comfortable. Then the Lord showed up and asked him to do something. Moses argued with God and did not want to submit to what God had for him. He whined and complained and begged for a way out. But God had other plans. When God chooses someone, His call and quest are not really an option. Notice from the conversation that Moses was hand picked and God was even going to go before him and do all the work. All Moses had to do was follow the Lord's instruction.

It is human nature to argue with God and tell Him why His ideas are not very smart or well thought out. But I assure you, they are perfect in their plan. We have all had this conversation with God and argued with Him about something. Review the conversation above and put your name in place of Moses. The names change, but the conversation is exactly the same. We have this voice inside of us, telling us what we are supposed to do, but we suppress it and argue with it, telling the voice why it is wrong. If we argue long enough with this voice, we can drown it out with our excuses and rationalizations.

But if God has asked you to do something, then He has also given you just enough skills and abilities to make it happen. And if you think you lack in some area to accomplish what He asks, then God will make up the difference. In fact, God will go ahead of you and make it happen for you. He just needs a willing vessel to work through. And guess what? He hand picked you.

1. Have you ever drowned out the voice of God with your arguments?
2. Isn't it time to review that voice and put into action what He has called you to do?

Additional scriptures for study. Ro 11:29, I Co 1:27, II Th 2:13, Jnh 1-4

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