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God is Moving House

God is Moving House
July 28, 2008

Psalm 22:3 " who are enthroned upon the praises of [your people]" (NASB)

It has been said that where there is light, there is no darkness. This seems a pretty obvious statement, but it makes tremendous sense and can apply perfectly in our lives. It applies perfectly because seldom do our lives epitomize the evidence of light, light being the Lord's presence. More often than not, Satan and his henchmen are at work, tempting us, tormenting us, and hatching evil schemes to implant their efforts into our lives. This creates a need for us to rid them, lest we drive away the light in our lives and suffer in the dark.

The only way to drive out the darkness (Satan's efforts), is to let the light in. We need to let God in. This statement is logical but it needs to be implemented. Satan does not want to be where God lives. Satan does not vacation in the house of God. He cannot stand in God's presence and has no desire to be anywhere near Him. The only way to drive out Satan's presence is to make sure that God is living in that place. If God is living there, then the devil cannot enter. God and Satan cannot fill the same space together. It will not happen.

If you'd like to drive out Satan, you have to convince God to take up residence. The Bible says that He inhabits our praises or is enthroned in our lives when we praise Him. The words, inhabit or enthroned, carry with them a meaning of permanence, a place where God has a physical street address and His mail is delivered. That is where God longs to be, home sweet home. He desires to abide and be King inside our praises. God longs to be home, in your praises to Him. There is nowhere else He would rather stay and He wants to move house.

The next logical step, start singing praises to the Lord. Do this non-stop in your life, every minute of the day and you will drive away the darkness. If you are singing praises to God, Satan has to flee. Once you start praising the Lord, God moves in and becomes enthroned. And when God moves in, Satan moves out. If you feel any amount of darkness trying to creep in, make sure you are lifting up praises to the Heavenly Father. Learn to do this on a daily basis and Satan's efforts will not darken your door.

Don't know any songs to sing? Start with the one you learned as a kid, "Jesus loves me, this I know...."

1. Has darkness been knocking at the door of your life?
2. Have you started praising the Lord, so He can move house?

Additional Scriptures for Study: Gen 1:4, Ex 14:20, II Sam 22:29, II Chron 31:2, Psalm 35:28, Psalm 47:6, II Cor 6:14

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