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The Part of a Fool

The Part of a Fool
June 22, 2009
James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

No matter how smart you might be, your intelligence cannot compare to that of God's. God is far more wise than you and me. In fact, if you consider brain capacity and understanding, God's would be comparable to the size of the sun, while man's would be comparable to the size of the head of a pin (hence the term pinhead). Yes, we are pinheads, yet we try to figure things out on our own, using our own understanding and wisdom. God thinks this is foolish; it is actually insane. In the Bible, the word "man" is often synonymous with the word "fool" or "foolish." Yes, that's right; you and I play the part of the fool. Don't be offended by this; the smartest and wisest man in the world is still a fool compared to God and His wisdom.

It is okay that we are foolish, as God wants us to be dependent upon Him for all leading and direction and understanding. God does not want us or require us to figure things out on our own. Take that burden off your shoulders; you are not supposed to figure it all out. In fact, you can't figure it out. God's ways are higher than our ways and God's understanding is much higher than our understanding. And He wants to give that understanding to you, abundantly. Aside from God's love and grace, the thing He is most generous in giving to us is His wisdom. That's right, God does not want to keep all His wisdom to Himself, He wants to make His wisdom and guidance clear to you. Since you and I cannot really understand anything, God has designed all the right solutions and He wants to make all those known and available. God wants to give you His wisdom for all the things you are trying to figure out on your own.

God has set up His wisdom as a free gift to all who ask of it, regardless of age, gender, social status, or level of sin. There is a 'no-fault' provision in God's book when it comes to doling out His wisdom. You don't have to pay for a guru; you can get advice free from God. His gift of wisdom is a promise. But when you get direction from God, you might not think it correct, as often it is counter intuitive to what man would suggest as prudent. You see, since God's ways are higher and man's wisdom is foolishness to God, His solutions actually might appear to be, well, silly. The trick is learning to quiet your own ideas in an effort to truly tune in to the voice of God's wisdom in every situation and then be able to act upon it. It is not easy, as the voices in your head are SO loud. It takes a lifetime of practice to get it down, as it is a still, small voice inside of you that slowly becomes stronger the more you listen to it.

In every situation in life, Christian, God wants you to consult Him and get your guidance from Him. He has the right answers, but it takes wisdom to realize you don't have any wisdom. In fact, the wisest person in the world is the one who recognizes that he doesn't have any wisdom at all apart from God. And before you ask for wisdom, be sure to set aside your own preconceived ideas and notions. That's the key. Get rid of your own thoughts and ideas before God can fill your mind with His. If you are still considering your own ideas, you will not be able to hear God's.

1. What situation in life are you lacking wisdom?
2. How can you clear your own ideas in order to hear God's ideas?
3. How can you set up a precedent to always consult God first?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Prov 12:15, Prov 16:25, Is 55:9, 1 Cor 1:19, 1 Cor 1:28

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