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Complicated by Design

Complicated by Design
Nov 30, 2009
Psalm 139:13 "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

I drive a vehicle that is a very sophisticated piece of machinery. It was designed that way. My car has fuel systems, drive systems, braking systems, safety systems, electrical systems, computer systems; the list is endless. The engineers who developed my vehicle were brilliant minds, capable of thinking of far more advanced things than my brain can comprehend. I'm glad; without those intelligent people designing my car, it would not be able to perform the functions that it does. It was designed and manufactured as perfect as possible, and when it was brand new, it was perfect.

But then something happened to my car; I drove it. That's right; I used it for its intended purpose. I interrupted its perfection, and I used it; I put wear and tear on it, causing it to need servicing, repair. I could fix it myself, but my mind doesn't know what the original engineers were thinking; I don't have their capabilities to bring the sophisticated machine back to perfection. The best I can do is to consult the detailed manual for my car. But it has to be the exact manual, not a manual intended for another automobile. If I consult the manual of another manufacturer, I would make things worse. And when the repairs require knowledge beyond my skills, I must entrust it to the care of experts, the original manufacturer who is trained in the methods of the original engineers. It gets extremely compli cated and can be extremely costly.

Our lives are a lot like my sophisticated automobile, in that when we use it, our human intervention interrupts the designer's perfection. We drive down this or that road of life, maybe even use it for things never intended by the Maker, and yet wonder why there are problems. My car comes with a manual that has many, many recommendations from the manufacturer, but when I don't heed the warnings, I risk ruining it. If I don't listen to the recommendations of the manual intended for my life, the Bible, the Word of God, I risk many, many problems. If left to my own devices, I'm liable to run it into the ground, bringing my life to the point of needing repairs that only the Original Maker can fix.

Thankfully, the Original Manufacturer of my life is always available to affect repairs to my life. God is always open for me to bring my life in for a tune up or a fix, even if I require a major overhaul. He's even given me the exact manual for my life, giving me many opportunities to make adjustments myself. My life is far more complicated than my car; it is my job to listen to the Maker, the Designer who knew me and knit me together in my mother's womb. God does not want me going through life broken and falling apart, He wants me functioning like the high-performance person that He created me to be. He created me perfectly; yes even me, even you. The problem is we keep interrupting His perfection. Thankfully, He is always willing and able to work on us. I know I could use a little work.

1. What repairs are needed in your life?
2. How have you consulted your manual, the Bible?
3. If the repair is beyond your capabilities, have you taken it back to the original manufacturer, God?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Jer 1:5, Ps 139:13-16, 2 Tim 3:16

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