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Music To Your Ears

Music to Your Ears
November 9, 2009
Philippians 4:8 ". . .whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. . .think about these things."

The Bible says that some day you will have to give an account for every thing in your life. The Bible is very clear about this and says it will even be to the smallest detail of your life, down to "every careless word [you] have spoken." (Matt 12:36) This is kind of scary, to think that someday you will stand before God, THE Judge, and give testimony or justification for your actions in life. This gives new meaning to that stupid list Santa Clause keeps, checking it twice to see if you've been naughty or nice. But this final time, in Heaven, it will be between you and God. Most of us know this, or are at least acutely aware of the time of individual judgment. But how detailed is God really going to get? I mean, is He really going to bring up that time you told your mother-in-law you loved the birthday present she gave you, even though you hated it and re-gifted it? Yup. Even that. How about the music you listen to? Are you going to have a discussion with God about your music choices, Country or Soft Rock? Yup.

That's right; I want to talk about the music you might be listening to. Not the style of music, but the genre and quality of music. While I can appreciate all styles of music, I have little tolerance for music that tears down the family, Christian values, or the work of the Lord. Everyone reading this, undoubtedly, will agree with me. There isn't one Christian, or even politically correct conservative, who would disagree with that. But I will take it one step further and say I have little tolerance for music that brings glory and honor to sin, sinful activities, and the lustful desires of the flesh. This wipes out 90% of all mainstream music. Any music, no matter how catchy the tune or funky the beat, if it contains words that promote an activity or lifestyle that is contrary to what Jesus preached, is not acceptable to God.

Any and every generation can remember their teen years, their parents disapproving of the music they listened to. Your parents, no matter what age you were or generation you grew up in, where aware of the levels of sensuality that your music promoted. Each generation's music seems to get progressively further away from God, and the previous generation is the only one who can see that one-step progression. It happened in the 1950's, when parents told kids to turn their music off. It happened in the 1960's, when parents told kids that their music would lead to a promiscuous lifestyle. It happened in the 1970's, when parents told kids that their music would lead to life-altering addictions. It happened in the 1980's, when parents told kids that their music would lead to violence and gangs. It happened in the 1990's, when parents told kids that their music would only promote self-justification and a self-indulgent lifestyle. And it is happening in this new millennium, when parents should be telling kids that the music on their iPods could eternally separate them from God.

You might argue that it is decent music, oldies, or just soft rock. But listen carefully to the words; if the song is promoting a one-night stand or getting drunk, then SHUT IT OFF. Even music from the 1950's is junk--try actually listening to the words; it doesn't matter if it was the music you grew up on. The Bible says you are to think and promote things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Here is your litmus test. If the lyrics of your music do not fit into one of these categories, that is being: true, noble, right, pure, lovely, or admirable, then throw out those CD's and delete it from your MP3 player or computer. Harsh; does it sound like I'm being harsh? Nope, I'm just prepping you for the time you get to give an account to God for it. Don't even get me started on U2 or Lil' Jon. Consider yourself warned, and when He asks about you reading this Devotional Byte, you'll have to remember it; there's no pretending you didn't know.

If you have a collection of music that you need to get rid of, then throw it out now and ask God to forgive you. He WILL forgive you; I know it. Change the stations in your car now and start filling your head with stuff that is music to God's ears. And even though your kids might pretend to ignore you, tell them to turn that music off--but explain WHY, maybe use this devotional to explain it. God loves you and wants the best for you; even that soft-rock can get in the way of God's best for your life. If your kid has to throw out his music, chances are yours might need to be re-considered, too.

1. What music are you listening to?
2. What music do you need to stop listening to?
3. What music should you start listening to?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Job 31:37, Matt 12:36, Rom 14:12, Heb 4:13, 1 Peter 4:5

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