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Don't Want To Anymore

Don't Want To Anymore
March 23, 2015
2 Thessalonians 3:13 "But you, brothers, do not be weary in doing good."

What happens when you don't want to do something anymore?  You usually don't do it.  It is easy to move forward with something when you have the drive to do so, but what happens when you just don't feel like it?  What happens when you are just too tired, maybe even exhausted?  How do you move forward?  How do you keep going?  Most of the time, people stop if they're tired.  But what if it just has to be done, even when you're tired?  I know of dairy farmers who experience this scenario.  Cows must be milked twice a day, no matter what the circumstances.  In order to keep the milk supply, a dairy farmer must milk the cows even when he doesn't want to or is just too tired.  Even if he is sick, he must move forward.  Hopefully he has a good support system, family members to help when he's too tired.

What happens when you are too tired to do the Lord's work or the right thing?  Maybe it would be the right thing to visit your neighbor who needs help, but maybe you're just too tired.  What happens when the pastor doesn't feel like preaching today or the minister of song just doesn't think he can do it?  Should they go through the motions and fake it, doing the best they can?  What if their heart isn't in it; does it still honor the Lord even if they are just going through the motions?  It is actually a good sign when you're tired and don't want to do it anymore; it means you need a break.

The fact remains, people get tired.  The Lord rested on the seven day of creation, to demonstrate the importance of taking breaks.  If you find yourself just not wanting to move forward with doing the right thing for the Lord, then you've just experienced burn-out.  If you don't want to anymore, it is because you didn't schedule a break for yourself, a rest in order to replenish, recharge, and revitalize yourself.  This is good news.  It is a sign, not to quit, but to take an appropriate rest.  This doesn't mean you can stop altogether, but find a way to pull back a little.

Runners experience this, when competing in a marathon.  During a long race, runners will often get tired.  It doesn't mean they can quit, because they wouldn't finish the race.  Pastors can't quit the ministry just because they are tired, either.  Runners have a way to dial down their jogging to a restful pace if they feel they might get to a point of exhaustion.  In the same way, when you don't have the energy to do the right thing or go on with the Lord's work, you have to figure out a way to stay in the race without giving up.  Hitting a wall in your Christian walk doesn't give you the option to quit being a Christian; it means you're tired.  There is a difference between resting and quitting.  A rest is helpful, beneficial, and even a commandment from the Lord.  Quitting is never an option.

When you get to a point when you don't want to do it anymore, you've gone too long without taking a break.  Don't feel guilty to take a break; it actually honors the Lord.  In scheduling yourself a break you are actually being Godly.  You were made in the image of Him and even HE took a break and rested!

Don't take my word for it; look it up:  Gen 2:2, Ex 34:21, Matt 11:28-29, Mark 6:31, Gal 6:9, Heb 4:4 & 9-10

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