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Winter Has Ended

Winter Has Ended
March 9, 2015
Daniel 2:21  "He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. . ."

Throughout the Bible, season are talked about by sage men, the Lord, and even Jesus.  They are discussed and described in order to parallel how things work in the Lord's system on earth.  In fact, there are over fifty analogies of changing seasons in the Bible.  In some instances, the seasons are even talked about as a type of character, giving them human characteristics to describe how they work, their purposes.  Despite our limited scientific understanding of the seasons, they are purposeful on earth.  The cycle of rain, cold, heat, etc, are productive in nature, accomplishing a task for which the Maker designed for them.  This is true physically in the natural realm of science, and this is true spiritually, in the realm of your personal life.

Winters, though cold and dreadful at times, are actually helpful.  We may not know all there is to understand in science about how the winters benefit the ecology of things; only the Creator understands this.  In winter, plants die off, but cannot produce new seed unless the old leaves and flowers are gone.  Many harmful viruses, bacteria, and other organisms die off in the cold of winter.  Even snow, though bizarre as times, provides a constant dripping of nourishing water to the previously fallen seed, as it melts.  The food chain in the animal kingdom has an opportunity to reset, as some animals migrate or hibernate.  There are probably a million reasons and benefits why the Lord created the winters, yet sometimes we get frustrated when winter seems too long or too harsh.

Powerful and productive, the winter was still designed to come to an end, making the way for a time of new beginnings, a time for new birth.  Since the Lord made the analogy in the Bible with seasons, describing the way He works in our lives, it is safe to discuss how it may apply to you, even right now.  You may have been experiencing a seemingly long and harsh winter, a period where the sun is hidden, the frost feels harmful, and the death of the flower is painful.  Nonetheless, it is for a purpose, a reason of future benefit.  The Lord designed the winters in your life to be for your own good.  If only we could see it that way as we watch the snow covering everything in sight.  It is true, though, even if you cannot understand it, even if you'll never know the reason why.  The winter in your life is for a reason and benefit.

There is good news for winter in your life.  All winters come to an end, and I believe the Lord is speaking to you now, encouraging your heart that this winter, this time of cold harshness, has come to an end.  The winter has accomplished its task in you and has made a way for new life.  The time of yesterday is gone and the time for beginnings is here, even today.  As you anticipate the opportunity for something fresh, thank the Lord for the work that was accomplished during those long, cold, and dark months, for the times when it looked like the winter was going to last forever.  Winter has come to an end.  Look forward as the new work begins, bringing life and beauty.

Don't take my word for it; look it up: 
Gen 8:22, Ps 104:19, Prov 26:1, Ecc 3:1-22, Is 55:10-11, Matt 24:32 & 45, 1 Pet 1:6

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