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Other Side

Other Side
March 30, 2015
Joshua 24:8 "I brought you to the land of the Amorites who lived on the other side of the Jordan. They waged war against you, but I gave them into your hand so that you might inherit their land, and I destroyed them before you."

It's no secret what the Lord did for the Israelites when they were living as slaves in Egypt.  The Lord delivered them.  But after He delivered them, they still had to travel to the Promised Land.  It was a long journey, that took forty years, despite it actually being an eight day hike.  Those forty years were a difficult time.  There were many life lessons for the Israelites to learn and many battles they still had to fight. There was temptation, sin, and enemy attacks.  It was tough and there were many casualties along the way.  The path was filled with battles, struggles, difficulties, and suffering.  But they made it!  They made it to the other side by the skin of their teeth.  And the Lord was the One given credit for the success.

Then they had to cross over to the other side of the Jordan and finally receive what the Lord had for them.  That crossing over to the other side, it was a significant point.  The Jordan River represented life, new life from a world of pain and struggle.  This is symbolic of the new life we will have in Heaven, but it was and is also symbolic of overcoming obstacles on earth.  When the Israelites were on the new side, they were constantly told to remember the things the Lord brought them through, the battles He helped them win.  The other side was a blessing, but the past couldn't be forgotten.  The past was meant to be a reminder for the Israelites of their former life.  They were to reflect upon it and learn from it.  They were on the other side, but still had to carry with them the wisdom gained from the years of struggle.

You, too, have come through many struggles in your life, many battles the Lord helped you win.  You fought hard, suffered much, and grieved along the way.  You may be on the other side now but you are still required to have the wisdom gained from all those life lessons.  You should be a slightly different person than who you were when you started, a better person.  If you have bitterness and resentment from the journey, then you will not enjoy rest on this new side of the river.  This is an opportunity to reflect upon the sorrows you experienced and learn from all that happened.  Your tough journey was not an accident and it was not without purpose.

If you are struggling to find the purpose of that tough journey, let me explain it to you.  The Lord was refining you, molding you, making you into the man or woman of God He intends for your life.  It wasn't mean to destroy you but build you up.  If you suffered loss, that loss was for your good, even though it seemed painful.  If you sinned, it is now an opportunity to prove you've overcome that sin, being an example to others who might be on a similar path.  You must recognize you are now stronger, more determined, and in a better place to help those around you.  Your life has purpose, it always has, and the Lord will now use you in new ways never imagined.  Only never forget what the Lord brought you though, the tough journey to the other side.  Prove to your Heavenly Father and the rest of the world that the journey was worth the trip.

If you doubt what I have said, please read Deuteronomy chapter 8 and hear it from the Lord's own heart!

Don't take my word for it; look it up:
  Josh 24, Deut 5:15, Deut 8, Rom 8:28

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