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Be Transformed by God

Be Transformed by God
Feb 16, 2009
2 Corinthians 3:18 ". . . being transformed into his likeness . . ."

There are three types of rock on this earth, sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Sedimentary rock is formed from layers of sediment piling up on each other while igneous rock is molten lava that has cooled. Metamorphic rock is formed from substances being transformed by an intense amount of heat and pressure. For metamorphic rock to be made, the pressure is so great that there are profound physical and chemical changes to the original substances. The hardest and most valuable type of rock is metamorphic, with the most famous of these being a diamond.

We think of a diamond with its unchanging beauty, but to be transformed into that diamond it MUST undergo an intense amount of heat and pressure. To be changed, for the original substance to be altered, there is a great amount of work that must be applied. This is true in the formation of all metamorphic rocks and this is true of the 'rocks' inside your head. For you to be changed, Christian, from the person you are today, requires a degree of heat and pressure. It takes intense forces to be applied to your person in order to make you into an unchangeable, beautiful diamond.

Spiritually speaking, God wants you to be like a rock, like a diamond, an impenetrable force for Him. He can't use you for His purposes unless you are a rock, immovable in your position, unaffected by the influences of this world. If you press in to God and allow yourself to be transformed by Him, then nothing, not a single wind of change, will affect your character or your witness. God knows that if you've already been changed into a diamond, then no more amounts of heat and pressure this world has to offer will change you. Then and only then can you be most effective for Him.

Simon learned this lesson the hard way. Simon was a stubborn man but God wanted to use him. It took an intense amount of heat and pressure applied to Simon's life in order for him to become like a diamond, a rock the Lord could use. And Simon was tested to see just how hard he really was. Jesus even told Simon that Satan was the one who was going to test him, just to make sure Simon could and would stand for the Lord no matter what earthly influences would come his way. Then God gave Simon a new name: Peter, which means rock. Peter was truly transformed into that rock and Jesus said of Peter, "on this rock I will build my church."

Christian, you and I are not naturally occurring forces of impenetrable rock. We must be changed, transformed by God into the likeness of Christ, the original Rock. But that transformation process takes an intense amount of heat and pressure. You can apply that heat and pressure by yourself and truly press in to God, or you can allow God to apply that heat and pressure for you. I recommend you pressing into Him. If God has to press into you, it might not be very comfortable.

1. How are you pressing into God so you may be transformed by Him?
2. What would it take for you to be made into that rock?
3. Are you ready to be tested to see how impenetrable you are as a rock?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Gen 49: 24, Ps 94:22, Is 26:4, Matt 16:18, Luke 22:31, Philippians 3:12-14

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