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God Wants You Satisfied

God Wants You Satisfied
Jan 5, 2009
Psalm 103:5 "...who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles."

In today's world, the word 'satisfy' gets easily confused with opulence or over indulgence. The word 'satisfy' actually means, in our language, to come to the point of being full, unlike Thanksgiving Day when we gorge ourselves to the point of getting fat. God does not want you to be fat, but He does want you to be satisfied. To be satisfied, you get to a point of being full, in a healthy manner, without getting to the point of harmful excess.

There is no doubt that God wants you satisfied, but there is the question of the 'things' with which you should/could be satisfied. Giving a child candy until he is satisfied is unhealthy. The candy itself is harmful and the child doesn't know when to stop; he doesn't understand the meaning of full. You and I are that way. We have in mind what we would like to be satisfied with and don't know when to stop. God says that He wants to satisfy us with good things. That 'good things' needs a definition and a specific quantity.

In scripture, 'good' is a word that is used for specific situations. In Genesis, God looked at His initial creation and called it 'good.' In the New Testament, the message of Jesus is described as being 'good news.' In God's dictionary, 'good' means having to do with His plan and will for mankind. There is even a phrase in scripture that describes God's 'will' as being good and perfect. When God says that He wants to satisfy our desires with 'good things,' He is saying that He wants to satisfy our desires with the things that are His will for our lives. If it is not His will for our lives, then it can potentially be harmful. Yes, candy is good in our human terms but it is not healthy. This is the same way with the things in life with which we try to satisfy ourselves.

This is not to say that God's will for your life is not as sweet as candy, but it is satisfying to the point of refreshing our entire beings. Candy is not refreshing or invigorating. Candy is not strengthening or vitalizing, God's will is. God's will is so full of life, refreshing and invigorating in strength. His will is good and when you have a desire in your heart, allow God to fill it with His will. It is better to allow God to fill your desires with refreshing strength than trying to fill it with a sugar high on your own.

And as to the amount of those 'good things,' it is best to let the Lord determine when to stop. In fact, I doubt you could handle all of the good things He has in store for you. You allow God to give you such a small amount of Himself and His will for your life because you're afraid of how it might change things. I've got news for you, His good and perfect will for your life is amazing and when God is satisfying your desires, you won't be able to contain what He has for you.

If you aren't being satisfied, you are trying to fill your life with things that are not God's will for you.

1. What 'things' are you trying to fill your life with?
2. Are you open to His will for the satiation of your desires?
3. What would it look like if you were actually satisfied?

Additional Scriptures for Study: Gen 1, Psalm 37:4, Psalm 145:16-19, Matt 7:11, Matt 9:35, Rom 10:15

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