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Having Hope, Part II of II

Having Hope, Part II of II
Mar 2, 2009
Psalm 146:5 "Blessed is he whose . . . hope is in the Lord, his God . . ."

Understanding the correct definition of hope is critical to having hope, but it is not the most important part. Hope is about a longing, a desire. Since the correct definition of hope is Hoping God, the correct desire should be placed onto God. We are not desiring what God can do, we are desiring God. In desiring Him, we are able to desire all that encompasses God: His character, His being, His promises, His plans, and His future. In order for this to happen, we must first believe in God. This is not simply believing that God exists, but truly believing God and His Word.

If we truly believed God and His Word, then we would live our lives by it. Our actions would take on a whole different meaning. Consider the story of the three Jewish men and the fiery furnace. Recall that they would not bow down and worship a king, but would only worship God. The king was furious and had the three men thrown into the fire. The men were confident they were making the right decision, though, because they Hoped God. They said that their God was able to save them but even if He didn't, they would still not worship a man. Their actions showed that they believed God. They believed His character, His being, His promises, His plans, and His future. Because of this belief, they had hope. They knew they were making the right decision and left everything else up to God, Hoping God. They hoped God would work everything out according to how He saw fit and if not, they were confident they would spend eternity in Heaven with Him.

Christian, anytime the word hope appears in the Bible, it is a reference for the future (the future of us spending eternity in Heaven with God). If we truly believe God and His Word, trusting in His future for our lives, then we will be able to Hope God. It is a hope for a future with Him. But more than just eternity, it is hoping in all of the characteristics of God, including all that encompasses Him: His promises and His plans for you and your life. This is not hoping in the future that you envision for your life but hoping that God will work in and through you, giving you the life He has for you.

If God is in control of your life and you are hoping God, then no matter what happens in your future, you can rest assured that God will work out the details as He knows best. That best may be saving you from the fiery furnace or it may mean allowing the flames to consume your earthly body. Regardless, you have hope that God will work everything out according to His masterful design and that some day you will be in Heaven with Him. If you are truly hoping God, then no matter what outcome happens in your life or your desire for your future, it will be the right one according to God.

1. Are you believing God and in His future for your life?
2. If you truly believed God, what decisions would you make differently?
3. Is your hope in God and His future for you or for what you want in life?

Add. Scriptures for Study: Daniel 3, Psalm 65:5, Acts 24:15, Acts 26:6, Rom 15:13, Colossians 1:27

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Kirk said...

I'm sharing this devotional thought on hope in my faculty prayer meeting today. Thank you for your amazing posts!