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Such a Time as This

Such a Time as This
Nov 10, 2008
Esther 4:14 " have come [into your] position for such a time as this."

In the book of Esther, we find a young woman who, through a series of unique events, has become a queen. She happens to be Jewish and there is a nationwide plot and plan to annihilate all the Jews, herself included. She is begged by her uncle to reveal her Jewish identity to the king, risk her life, and attempt to stop the genocide. Her uncle reassures her that it might have been God who placed her in the position as queen in order to do just as he is hoping. It turns out he was right. Esther risked her life, but because of her position as queen she was able to bring about the safety of all Jews, thereby protecting the future lineage of Jesus Christ.

Christian, your life may not have turned out how you expected. You might find yourself in a unique or undesirable situation. You might find yourself having experienced a great degree of "luck." Whatever it is, you have been placed there, exactly by the Lord's design, to accomplish something for Him. I don't know what that is and you may not know until the time comes, but there may be some very significant tasks the Lord has for you to do. And the only way you could accomplish it is through the exact position and situation in life you find yourself in right now.

Throughout the Bible we see countless times when God placed certain people in specific places to do just what He had for them at that EXACT moment. Joseph was enslaved and later became second to pharaoh, with the purpose to preserve the nation of Israel. Moses was exiled for forty years in the desert, with the purpose of leading the people of Israel through the desert, out of slavery. A woman, saved from a life of sin, had a jar of perfume worth a year's salary; she poured all of it on Jesus' feet specifically to prepare Him for burial. Jesus spent an entire 33 years on this earth so He could be crucified on the cross to save your life from eternal damnation.

Christian, the Bible says that your life has been placed here on earth at the very specific time of today. He even has you reading these exact words right now. There is something that God has for you to do through your exact, unique position. You would not be able to accomplish it, though, if you were not right here, right now. Through the unexpected and possibly unwanted situation of today, God has something for you to do. The situation you're in today may never change unless you accomplish God's will in it. Maybe you've been placed at that horrible job because there is someone who needs to know the God who loves them. Maybe you suffered a great loss, but because of it you can make life efforts to keep others from experiencing the same loss. Maybe you've been blessed by the Lord financial, specifically because He needs you to use that money to accomplish a few strategic plans. Maybe you've been placed.......

The point is, you're in an unexpected situation for a reason. Figure it out and do something amazing for the Lord!

1. What unique situation do you find yourself in that you never could have imagined?
2. Are you willing to use that situation for the Lord and accomplish His plans?
3. Pray that the Lord would tell you what His plans are for you in this situation!

Additional Scriptures for Study: Gen 50:20, Ex 7:1-5, Prov 16:23, Mrk 14, Acts 17:26

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