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20/12 Vision

20/12 Vision
Dec 27, 2007

2 Chronicles 20:12 "…we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you."

The children of Israel were minding their own business when word came that several neighboring nations were coming together to wipe out the Israelites. The children of Israel were clearly out matched for this fight and did nothing to provoke this vast army that was on their way to engage in battle. The Israelites were out numbered and out skilled. There was no way they could compete or even stand a chance of avoiding complete annihilation. They had no where to turn but toward the Lord. They had the correct vision as it states in 20:12 of 2 Chronicles. They put their eyes on Him.

This is exactly the type of vision the Lord wants us to have. It is where God's people, in this instance, simply looked up to Heaven and said, we don't know what to do but we are looking toward you for the answer and solution.” Many times, unprovoked, we face difficult situations in life where personal annihilation seems certain. We have no where to turn, no skills, no energy, and no resources to compete. This is when we look up to Heaven and tell God, I have no idea what to do but my eyes are upon you. I’am looking toward you for the answer and solution.”

Is this the easiest type of vision to have in life? Absolutely not, as it is so tempting to engage our own human efforts to find the solution. But the Lord loves an opportunity to be a big God in your life and in the situation that is facing you right now. Find yourself in a devouring circumstance? Place your eyes toward Heaven and make sure they stay fixed in that direction, never looking at the vast army but at the Lord. He is truly able to surmount any circumstance in your life. ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

By the way, God completely defeated this vast army that marched against the children of Israel that day; they didn't even have to fight. And you thought 20/20 was perfect vision.

1. What situation in your life seems so vast that you cannot overcome?

2. Are you looking toward Heaven and keeping your eyes fixed on Him?

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