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God and Plenty

God and Plenty
Feb 25, 2008

John 10:10 "...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

I was pouring a bowl of cereal for my three-year-old daughter recently at the breakfast table. She looked at her bowl, looked up at me and said in her cute, Mickey-Mouse voice, “No, Dad, that’s not plenty.” She was disappointed in the amount that I had portioned out for her. She wanted more. She wanted it to be plenty. She did not want to lack in any amount possible. She wanted to have her bowl filled to the fullest.

God wants us to have our bowl filled to the fullest but so often we settle for such a small amount of Him. He came to earth that we might have life to the fullest, to have life in abundance and yet so many times we take less, far less. I would submit to you that your life may be full of “things” but still has a degree of emptiness to it. Most of us have received such a small amount because we think that is all we are supposed to have or that it is enough, but God would tell you He wants you to have life in abundance. The words 'full' or 'abundance' carry with them a meaning of completeness or filled to the point that it cannot contain anymore. But I assure you, your life can contain more of God.

Is your life full of God? Do you have an abundance of LIFE in you? If you feel you might be lacking or that you could have more of God, He promises to give it. All you have to do is seek Him with all your heart and let Him know that you want more of Him in your life. This ‘more’ is not stuff or things, it is LIFE. It is inspiration, it is joy, it is completeness, it is fulfillment, it is….plenty.

When my daughter asked for ‘plenty,’ I did what every good father would do for such an earnest request for more. I gave her plenty.

1. Have you settled for far less in life?
2. Isn’t it time you had life to the fullest?

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