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Generational Curses

Generational Curses
March 31, 2008
Psalm 79:8 "Do not hold against us the sins of our fathers..."

Many cultures believe that a man often carries the blame or burden for his forefather's sin. This also results in bearing the consequences of those sins, whether they were committed ten years ago or 100 years ago. The Christian culture seems to perpetuate this same idea, as it is truly stated many times over in our Old Testament. It started with Cain's descendents being punished for Cain's murder of Able and goes on into almost every book of the Old Testament, where sons had to pay for their fathers' sins, or rather suffer for them.

These sins often resulted in curses that carried on throughout the family. Either the sin carried through the family line for ten generations or the curse stayed with the family line forever. The only way to escape the family curse was to die. In the Old Testament, you where born, lived, and died under these curses. This idea of generational curses was perpetuated throughout the Old Testament by, none other than, God Himself.

Even today, many Christians seem to be living under similar curses or sins that someone else committed. They believe that they are cursed or that their family is cursed or that they are paying for the sin of someone else. Somewhere down the line, some obscure relative must have done something so terribly bad. After all, the Bible tells me so. However, in true review of the Bible and further study, we do not see these generational curses or sins being passed on or perpetuated in the New Testament of our Bible.

When Christ came to this earth and died on the cross, He took those sins and curses with Him. Furthermore, He created a way for us to be born again and adopted as sons and daughters into the family of God. If then, we become saved and adopted into the family of God, becoming heirs with Christ, we are no longer of the same family line into which we were born. The New Testament does not carry on these generational curses because they are done away with, if we become born again. Hence the term, Born Again Christian. We are new creations, born into the family of God, leaving behind the sins of our fathers and those trailing generational curses. Be advised, if you are born again, those curses that have been following you are now broken and have no hold or power over your life.

1. Feeling a little cursed or that you are paying for someone else's sin?
2. Isn't it time you realized those curses where broken when you became saved?

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