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Trusting in God

Trusting in God
Feb 11, 2008
Phil 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

This scripture has been said aloud many times in your life but I know for a fact that everyone still gets anxious. Though this scripture gives you a remedy if you do have anxiety, focus on the first part of the passage and it gives you a direct order, “do not be anxious.” But in order for us to prevent anxiety, we have to be able to trust. The whole reason we have anxiety at all is for the simple reason we do not trust the situation or other people involved.

This distrust is a natural preservation or an instinct to keep ourselves safe. It protects by enabling us to always be on guard of what may attack. If we trust someone and let our guard down then we are likely to get hurt, or so we think. But if we truly trust someone or a specific situation, then we are not anxious about getting hurt or of the potential outcome. Likewise, we would not have any anxiety if we put our trust in God, regardless of the potential outcome, knowing that He does not intend to harm us.

If we truly trusted God with everything, trusted that He is in control and will work everything out on our behalf, we would not have any anxiety at all. This is a rather bold statement considering the number of Christians who are on anti-anxiety medication. But I am certain you would not have any anxiety problems if you truly trusted in the Lord. All your worries and problems would not seem so frightening if you simply trusted your complete life into the Lord’s hands. This trust is that He would work everything out for your good and keep you safe. This trust is that He is in control of your life and circumstances and will make sure you are right where you need to be at just the right time in your life no matter what you may be going through.

1. Are you feeling a little anxious about a situation in your life?
2. Isn’t it time you started trusting in the Lord?

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Jessica said...

Seems simple enough...

However, have you ever truly suffered with Anxiety and/or debilitating panic attacks? It's not as easy as you make it out to be...just trust. It is the most excruciating journey that one has to embark on to find true trust when one does not know how.

Maybe this post would be a bit more helpful if there were practical helping tools for one to learn to trust and how one could overcome.