Sunday, April 27, 2008

Be Warm, Christian

Be Warm, Christian
Apr 14, 2008

James 2:16 "And one of you says to him, Goodbye! Keep yourself warm and well fed....what good does that do?"

We live in a Christian society where we love to spout off the platitude "I'm praying for you" anytime someone in the church, a co-worker, or family member has a degree of difficulty or problem. In fact, many times it isn't even a trite statement but something said with great sincerity. We add them to our prayer list or in the least we pray for them once. Unfortunately, this is not good enough. This is a "be warm and well fed" Christianity, where we wish them well but we do nothing about it. God suggests this is not Christianity at all.

In order to truly be a Christian, we must be able to step out of our comfort zone, take time out of our busy schedule, and make a move to do something about our brother's situation. If we deem his situation worthy of a prayer request on our own volition, then we deem it worthy of taking action on his behalf. This does not mean you must become the answer to prayer for him, but it does mean you must do something about it while waiting for the Lord to answer. Absolutely, pray for him, but then get out of your prayer closet and do something. Prayer is wonderful but it is only the first step in demonstrating your Christianity.

If you have the means to be the answer to prayer, then ask the Lord if He would have you be a willing steward of those resources. If you have no means, then find something you CAN do for them. This is truly an action word. To "do" something means to take action. In the least, you can walk along side them as they go through the difficult situation. This is still doing something, as long as you are available and present for them. Sit with them while they cry, listen as they vent, meet an alternate need while waiting for the Lord to show up. This could be simple stuff like: watch their kids, bring them a meal, take them out for coffee, buy them a book, etc. I'm confident if you spend time with them and do any of these things, it will become clear how the Lord might use you more purposefully in people's lives; the specific need that you can meet will become evident. These are all things that require you to be physically present, God meant it that way, as often times you being there is as valuable as the answer to prayer itself.

Most of you would agree with me as you read this, but how many of you have taken the easy road and sent an e-mail, mailed a card, or had flowers shipped. This does not really count. Absolutely, it is nice and serves a purpose, but you could at least make a phone call and take it from there. You never know what you are really doing, because as Jesus said it, "whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me." Notice that "do" word; (it means, take some action).

1. Are you part of the "be warm and well fed" church?
2. Isn't it time you stepped up a level and took action?

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Anonymous said...

Too true a set of words. It is so much easier to say that simple christianese statement and walk away.