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Hit the Nail

Hit the Nail
Dec 16, 2007

John 5:19 "...the son can do nothing of himself, unless it is something he sees his father doing…the son does in like manner."

I took my 4 year old son to a free craft workshop at a local hardware store. They provided the material and directions, allowing my son and I time to bond. The project was a little wooden boat, complete with nails for the pre-cut wood. My son was quick to grab the hammer and couldn't wait to hit a nail. I pre-set the first nail and then held my hand over his on the hammer, directing it to hit the nail and drive it in. I did this twice, my hand guiding his. I then let him have the hammer to do it on his own, only the nails were such that I had to hold them in place with my thumb and forefinger. As he wielded the hammer backward to take his first swing, I instantly realized this was a bad idea. There was no way he would hit the nail and my thumb was the next closest thing.

In like manner, our Heavenly Father leads us all of our life and prepares us for His use. The whole while He watches over us and helps us along the way, teaching us and guiding us, with His hand on ours, holding the hammer. He allows us to be instructed by others and their example many times without expecting much from us yet. Our training and guidance may last many years. Then comes a time for the Lord to take his hand off the hammer and allow us to wield it on our own, all the while holding the nail, still making sure we can do it, watching over us as we drive it in, hoping that we've been paying attention.

If the Lord has been equipping you all your life to do something and has given you many examples in your life to follow, then it may be time for Him to pull his hand off the hammer and allow you a turn. This may be a new venture for you, but one you've been preparing for your whole life. This may be your ministry opportunity. Watch as He holds the nail for you; this may be your time. Have you been paying attention to Him and His guidance in your life? Can you do it in like manner? Go ahead, give it a try. You might do better than you think.

My son did great hitting the nail, my thumbnail, that is.

1. What has He been equipping you to do?
2. Are you doing something for Him? Is it time to start?

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