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God Meant it for Good

God Meant it for Good
Jan 21, 2008

Genesis 50:20 "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…"

A boy in the middle-east was destined by his father’s business to simply herd sheep and goats. Yet he felt different than his brothers and sensed a unique calling on his life from the Lord far greater than that of tending to the family’s flocks. Though his father intended him to carry on the family tradition, he, too, sensed he was different and even treated him with a degree of favoritism. His brothers became jealous and conspired to get rid of him as they did not have the same blessing or approval. Telling their parents he was dead, the man’s brothers kidnapped him and traded him off into slavery.

Once the young man became the property of someone else there was no escape. He was to be a slave forever, with no hope of fulfilling that unique calling on his life. He was reduced to nothing, mistreated, and eventually falsely accused and imprisoned. By this time, a man, he could have become bitter and angry with the Lord for allowing such harsh treatment, yet he chose to remain faithful to God and endure his circumstances.

The chances of this young man ever fulfilling his calling were virtually impossible. Nonetheless, in one quick twist of “fate” he was elevated to be ruler of the entire land. He could now get even with his brothers and avenge what they did to him. But instead, he forgave them and said, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.”

These wise words by this humble man should define our lives; learning how to turn something so awful and wretched into something that honors the Lord for Him and His purposes. If you allow it, the Lord will show you how He can create a fairy tale ending with your unwanted and unexpected from Life. God has your best interests at heart, and He desires that you know that and come into the realization of what He has for your life. Whatever you are going through, know that what may feel harmful may truly be intended for your good.

Feeling a little harmed by your circumstances or set back in life?
2. Try asking God what future good He may intend for it.

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