Sunday, April 27, 2008

Praise Him For...

Praise Him For...
March 10, 2008

Ps 150:2-3 "Priase him for his acts of power; Praise him for his surpasssing greatness."

I was eating lunch with some men at a restaurant and highlights of their favorite team were on the sports channel displayed on the screens around us. Recorded in those highlights were a few key plays that caused the team to rise above the competition. The uproar at the table was unanimous, with their joy heard all around the room regarding the news. It seemed these men had something to be excited about and consequently their entire beings showed their exuberance.

In like perspective, I was sitting in a church service that night, singing worship songs to our Creator. I glanced around the room noticing the somber tone in people's voices and the lackluster expression on their faces. I wondered, had they just received good news about their favorite sports team, if their demeanor would change. For some reason, the people in the room didn't seem to truly have a reason to praise God our Father. Surely they had reason to praise Him, they were just not convinced of it.

All of us have reason to praise Him, many reasons to praise Him. But so often we forget what they are when faced with the realities of today's events. We go to church and enter into worship but it is just lip service to God because our hearts are not in it. For if it truly came from our hearts, we would have the same exuberance for Him that my friends had at lunch that day regarding their favorite team.

If you aren't convinced of a reason to praise Him, then I suggest you think long and hard about what the Lord has done for your life. For starters, He saved your life from the pit of hell. Let that be a good stepping stone in consideration for all the other things He has done. I know His power has been demonstrated, not just in Bible stories, but in your very life. He is a God that should be praised with more exuberance than a basketball team deserves, as His power and greatness are beyond compare.

1. Having trouble finding a reason to truly praise Him with all your being?
2. Shouldn't He simply be praised for His acts of power and surpassing greatness?

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