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Glory Through Death

Glory Through Death
March 3, 2008

John 11:17 "On his arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days."

Word came to Jesus that his friend, Lazarus, was sick and on his death bed. Friends and family urged Jesus to come quickly to his aid and heal Lazarus before his certain demise. Jesus was not in a rush, however, and told them not to worry because the situation would not end in death. But, in this story we see that Jesus arrived too late to heal him. Lazarus was already dead and in the tomb. The situation seemed over, complete, and final. No problem for Jesus, though, he just raised Lazarus back to life and had dinner with His dear friend.

You see, Jesus was interested in bringing glory to God all the days He was on this earth. He knew that no glory would be given to God if the story ended with Lazarus eating a bowl of chicken soup and getting well in 7-10 days. It is too easy for man to take credit or physicians to be the heroes for someone getting well. If a situation turns around with any degree of human effort, then so often the credit goes to man and not God. But God wanted the glory, and He knew that in order to get it in this story there had to be a miracle, something where no man could deny that God was in control and that God was the reason for the situation turning around.

So, too, in your story or situation in life. There may have to be an element of death, just like for Lazarus, in order for your situation to give glory to God. If your situation needs turning around and it seems a demise is certain, then hold on and continue to wait for God. If your situation resolves in 7-10 days then there might not be glory in it for God. But, if your situation contains death, something that no man can turn around, then maybe, just maybe it would bring glory to God. Trust me, in all that goes on for you, Christian, God wants it to bring glory to Himself and He is willing to use the situation you are in right now.

1. Have a situation in life you'd like to see turn around?
2. Are you willing to bring glory to God through an element of death in the story?

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