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In Heaven...

In Heaven...
March 24, 2008
Acts 1:10 "...they were gazing intently into Heaven as he went..."

After His resurrection, Jesus remained on the earth for only a few weeks and then ascended into Heaven. This is the whole goal of our Christian walk, to live on this earth in ministry, like Jesus, and then ascend with Christ to spend eternity in Heaven. We have this event to live for, eternal salvation, but so often we lose sight of that goal or the final result of our Christian experience here on earth. The whole goal, Christian, is to end this life and get to Heaven, a place of perfectness where our relationship with God is complete.

But if you think about it, seldom do we imagine on a daily basis what Heaven will be like. In most of our human goal setting, we have an end result in mind or a vision of the future, something to strive for. Do you envision what Heaven will be like? For many, the vision of Heaven incorrect; it is not a utopia of pleasure and enjoyment. Picture streets of gold, mansions for all to live, feasts and banquets and buffets, leisure activities, servants to take care of us, and crowns to wear. But this is a sinful picture of Heaven, a false vision of what God intends for us to experience in Heaven with Him.

Since in Heaven there will be no sin in our lives, many of those images of Heaven will not be important. There will be no pride, so a mansion to live in is pointless. There will be no gluttony, so those 24hr buffets are irrelevant. There will be no selfishness or jealousy so those crowns and leisure activities will not be of interest to you. This method of enticement might be acceptable for the immature Christian, but it takes a degree of emotional maturity to see Heaven for what it is.

Let me say then, that a correct view of Heaven is important to place before us, longing for that better life than this earth has to offer. In Heaven, there is no emotional pain, loneliness is defeated, insecurities are gone, and a sense of belonging is revealed. In Heaven there is uninterrupted rest and stress is buried with your sins. In Heaven, your current human body does not experience pain and toil in your work is not necessary; there is no relationship strife or bitterness. But most importantly, in Heaven, there is perfect peace in your heart and a fulfilling relationship with the Creator of your soul is complete where you are free to worship Him in all His splendor and glory.

No, these things may not appeal to our sinful desires for pleasure on the streets of gold, but they are correct interpretations of a life outside this earth. If you think long and hard, I bet you'd love to leave the emotional pain you experience on a daily basis. I bet you'd love to leave the financial problems you face while toiling at a job you hate. And I know for a fact that you'd love to be in a place where you belong and a true family with common interests is all around you. This is a place where you should be, standing before your Creator, praising His name.

1. Have an end in mind of that eternal place of worship and rest?
2. Isn't it time you set the correct view of Heaven in front of your eyes everyday?

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